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Health, Love & Money-- in that order.

If I was to summarize my philosophy of life, that would be it.  As I will say many times, if we don’t have our health, nothing else really matters.  Look at the life of Apple executive and business icon, Steve Jobs.  He seemed to have everything one could hope for, including love and money, but unfortunately he did not have good health.  Sometimes we can’t control the genetic time bombs that may hide within, so all we can do is fuel our bodies with the best internal army to fight off what we can.  Lance Armstrong is a good example of a body that was so fit that it could handle more powerful cancer fighting drugs when the drugs themselves would have destroyed most people.  

We all belong to the planet earth first and foremost.  One of my personal goals is to be more mindful that we all play a vital role in protecting our planet.  I’ll talk about how our food choices have a profound impact on our environment and why I love hybrid cars.  

We all belong to a family of origin, a nuclear family, and an extended family.  These relationships directly affect how we feel about ourselves and influence the values we pass down to our children and grandchildren.  There are unique challenges we all face within families, particularly when it comes to our lifestyles.  I’ll discuss ways to get the whole gang on board to a healthy lifestyle.  Raising babies into responsible adults without a “how to” guide is a rocky road.  Healthy children are products of healthy parents.  What kind of role model do you want to be?  What does a healthy home look like?  

This category will cover lots of bases.  My focus will be on marriage and family, but I will touch on working with training partners, being a member of a team, and how to deal with sabotage by friends or family in pursuit of your healthy way of life.  

We have raised three children who are now ages 15, 20 and 24.  We have learned many lessons and made many mistakes.  I will give you things to think about in a way you may not have thought about before.  I expect to encounter some opposition and stir some debate.  I’ll focus in on discipline, sports, behavior, family meals, and education.  I’ll talk about when to let kids quit, about being a friend to your child, about food attitudes, body image, over scheduling, homework hassles, communication and the area I’m asked about most often, “My kid is driving me crazy and I’m out of consequences!”  

The more of us that contribute to this FIT community, the more we can learn what works in raising healthy, happy families.  We all need that soft place to fall and a support system.  We all need to feel validated and significant.  We all want to avoid fights.  We want our kids to be respectful.  We all want to be great parents.  So let’s try to be.

Considering I have been married for 26 years and worked with my spouse for 24 of them, I’ve got some opinions on how to make a marriage work.  My parents were married 52 years (before my mother passed away) so I was fortunate to see what a good marriage looked like before trying it out myself.  I’ll share some experiences, some hard times, and some strategies that have helped my marriage thrive.  I hope you will share yours.

The success of this FIT community depends on our sense of belonging to it.  Let us focus on what works in our own families so we can use those ideas to help others.  This site is about solutions.  If we create an arsenal of ideas, then if one thing doesn’t work, we always have a plan B.  As a parent, we always have to have a back-up plan ready and waiting.  As a spouse or partner, we need to thrive as a team and still grow as individuals. A peaceful world begins under our own roofs.

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"I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future." Oprah Winfrey

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  1. Nancy #

    Hey Susan….
    Love the entire site. So amazing and informative. I look forward to reading, learning and enjoying all your info:)


    April 4, 2012

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