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Fuel your body and it will fuel you.

I love food and I eat a LOT!  I can eat as much as most men.  I don’t hide it either.  My friends can’t believe how much I can put down.  A whole Chipotle burrito, down to the last grain of rice that fell out on the tin foil, no problem!  They shake their heads.

We’re going to have a blast talking about food.  Food is our fuel.  Food is joy.  Food is tasty.  I get so excited about my food that I cook for my family that I consider my dinner table my canvas.  I’m no artist but I can put colorful, eye popping, textured, gorgeous plates of food ready for hungry wolves and I’ve got plenty of those!  And the best part of all, everyone eats it!

I am not a trained chef or dietician.  I open cans.  I do not buy all organic foods- too expensive because we eat too much.  I open packages- especially frozen ones.  I do not make everything totally from scratch- rarely.  I love good cookbooks but open them only occasionally.  I don’t eat meat but you wouldn’t know it if I fed you (don’t let this scare you away–you’ll soon find out why).

You’re tired and worked all day.  You’re a poor college student who is overtired and overworked.  You cared for screaming kids all day.  You have nothing in the house because you haven’t been to the grocery.  You want to feed your kids a healthy meal but instead grab the blue box (Kraft mac and cheese) and that Costco bag of frozen nuggets and in 15 minutes the kids are happy and you are done.  Or Dad picked up the kids from soccer and dance and stops at a drive through window on the way home–quick and no dishes– everyone wins.  (But deep down you know that’s not true).

You will not get meal or diet plans from me.  There are LOADS of meal plans and proven weight loss programs out there from registered dietitians that are excellent.  Seek them out and commit to them if you want that structure initially.  This is not a food blog or a cookbook but I will recommend some.  My focus is going to be on the maintenance phase– the life long kind.  I want to teach you how to “wing it.”  The more you can fly by the seat of your pants, the more successful you will be in the long term.

Coming soon is my series titled, A New Type of Cooking Class, where I will recommend specific brands of products and take you from the store to the fridge to the table!!  It’s FREE and LOADED!  It’s not the kind of class you’d find at Williams & Sonoma or the culinary institute (although those are great too!).  My class is going to teach men and women how to have a healthy kitchen.  Then I’m going to teach you how to whip up a healthy meal for you or the family quicker than cooking what’s in that blue box.  As my profile states, my husband and I work together.  Say I leave work at 5:30pm and am home by 5:45.  He closes the shop down and leaves at 5:45, home by 6:00.  By the time he arrives home, dinner is on the table for our family.  I’m going to tell you how I do that night after night.

You’ll hear my views on supplements and fueling for workouts, before and after.  What about fueling kids for sports?  Oh yeah, nobody talks about that but we will.  I will share my experiences, both bad and good, for race nutrition.  I will link you up with some of my favorite sports nutrition experts that really know their stuff.  Some of the best athletes I know could improve their diets.

Even I get overwhelmed by all the incredible recipes just waiting for me to create.  I’ll give you some of those too (including entertainment tips)!  In the meantime, who in their right mind would post dinners that are “open this, open that, dump in, DONE?”  I will!  I’m not here to impress you with my culinary skills.  I’m here to give you ideas for every day meals that are quick, easy and taste great.

How about kids and college students?  Should kids eat school lunches or take their own?  How do you pack a lunch that’s healthy?  What can you do about picky eaters and kids who hate healthy food (or so they think)?  I’ve raised THREE– care to take a seat and learn what to do? Are you college students feeding your brains well on dorm food?   How can you survive “all nighters” studying?  Is caffeine the answer?  Are your habits now what you want for your future?

I want to make something VERY clear right now.  I do not eat perfectly and what I will teach you is far from IDEAL.  I am not providing a nutrition course.  I would love to eat all whole foods, bake my own wholesome breads, be totally vegan, and buy more organic.  What I offer you is a sustainable lifestyle you can handle if you are young and busy, an aspiring athlete, raising a family, or aging and want to reduce your saturated fat intake and stay vibrant.  Those with more time can create more meals from scratch and only use fresh foods- great!   I look up to athletes like Scott Jurek and Brendan Brazier who eat so pure, but their way of eating is too big of a jump for most people initially.  All I can tell you is my way of eating is a heck of a lot healthier than the average American.  I’m just offering you a huge step in the right direction and a way of eating that I am absolutely certain ANYONE can handle.  Want the perfect diet?  Me, too.  In that quest I think many families give up pretty quickly.  So I’m bringing you into my home, sitting you at my table, hoping you’ll stay awhile.

Our family hardly ever gets sick.  Our blood tests come back showing optimum health.  We have energy.  All of us are within a normal weight range although obesity and related diseases run in both sides of our family.  We all compete in races and recover well from hard training efforts.  Let’s make sure your family is headed in the same direction!  This is how we change America–one family at a time.

Sneak Peek:  Tarragon Chik’n Salad in Whole Wheat Pita, Seasoned Wild Salmon Burgers, Homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing, Loaded Mexican Salad, Handling the Picky Eater, A New Type of Cooking Class (series), Souper Sundays (series)

“You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.” Sheila Graham


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  1. Nan Smith #

    I got your card and I am so glad I looked you up! What a wonderful sight! I enjoyed reading it very much. I will “check up” on you from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful new adventure.

    Nan Smith

    April 2, 2012

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