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The Magic Pill - Physical Activity

Since we no longer have to hunt and gather our food, work behind desks, surf more TV channels than waves, use motorized vehicles instead of legs, we are a nation of sitters.  The only thing getting a workout are the nuts and bolts of our chairs as we put more and more weight on them.

My We Move posts will cover everything from how to get off the couch to the mental toughness it takes to complete a marathon or a triathlon.This is not a personal training module.  There are loads of great sites, apps, and real live trainers who do a great job of filling your time wisely and making you stronger.  I will definitely share some of my favorite exercises and training methods with you and expose you to some fitness trends.  After having experimented for years with different types of strength training, cardio training, race plans, etc., I have my preferences and opinions.  We all want those 6 pack abs and nicely sculpted arms.  I’ll give you some of my tips and those from other FIT folks and prove they work with some photos to judge for yourself.  Please share your favorites too!

We have all the training regimens, gym equipment, fitness classes, races and personal trainers at our disposal but if we don’t have the discipline to keep after it we won’t get any fitter.  I will be talking a lot about discipline.  How to get it and how to keep it.  Why do so many people throw in the towel?  Why do we work out and not see results?  Why don’t we accomplish our goals?  I’ll address these “kickers” head on with a large dose of reality therapy.  We must first acknowledge where we are before we can follow a map to our destination.

What about our kids and all of their activities?  What do these sports teach our children about life long fitness?  Why is childhood obesity an epidemic?  What role do our schools play in physical fitness and is it effective?  I have some strong opinions about raising our next FIT generation.

With movement can come injury.  Are you at a loss when you get injured?  Feeling depressed and impatient?  I’ve been there and I’ll share both physical and mental strategies with you when it comes to being laid up.  I’ll be sure to include some guest bloggers who can tap into this discussion.  If you’ve been forced to shut it down for a period of time, I want to hear from you.

There are a lot of good excuses why we don’t have time to move.  I’ll shoot every one of them down because if we don’t address this number one reason Americans are dying from health related illness, then we might as well not provide the tools to get ‘er done.  Please, please, PLEASE tune in if you are prone to not sticking with a plan.  Let’s change those habits and provide the support you need to maintain a FIT life.

My husband and I have been racing for the past 10-15 years.  I will touch on some of these races with the primary goal of sharing lessons learned.  Whether you want to complete your first 5k or are a veteran athlete in any sport, I want us to share the value of participating in competitions.  I want to hear what motivated you to enter, how you kept going when you wanted to quit SO BAD, how you handled an opponent that played dirty, and how your significant others handle your training commitments. I’ve got some buzz words to stimulate some debate as well as tips on how I recover from hard workouts.  (And trust me, the older you get, the more recovery becomes an essential part of fitness!)  Do you enjoy the social aspect of group training or the solitude of going solo?  I’ll share what works for me and hope you’ll share your opinions.

What do I know for sure?  That moving our bodies can improve our physical health, our moods, our work, our relationships, and our families.  If there is a magic bullet, exercise is it.

Sneak Peek:  Rules Rule, Outside Matters, America’s Mind Plagues (series), ABsolutely Core Crazed (series)


“If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock.” Claude McDonald


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  1. Your comment about exercise being the “magic bullet” is so true. I want to share something fascinating I learned in my online class I took this past winter to be a Dr. Sears LEAN Certified Health Coach. Dr. Sears says that “Exercise is the only known process that causes the consistent and continuous production of nitric oxide by the endothelium cells allowing your internal pharmacy to say open 24/7.” So. what is the big deal about that-please read on. ” The endothelium, the lining of the blood vessels, contains metabolically active cells that functon like microscopic medicine bottles, releasing chemical messengers that help maintain the blood vessel’s health and tells the arteries and other organs and tissues to behave in a healthful way. A healthy endothelium releases a chemical messenger called nitric oxide which prompts the body to make all the other medicines it needs to treat illnesses that are often treated by prescription drugs.” Nitric oxide dilates the arteries and keeps them flexible and optimizes blood pressure too . This is such good news! Once you become a regular exerciser, you will literally begin to train your endothelial cells to make more nitric oxide, even when your are not working out. Who wouldn’t want this-it’s free medicine! There is one caveat though-eat healthy so you don’t cover up the medicine bottles in your endothelium.

    April 7, 2012

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