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To lead a FIT life, working your mental muscles daily is crucial!

I will post about why we get in ruts, sabotage ourselves, live in guilt, hate our bodies, and give up.  We’ll dialogue about what it means to be an athlete, how age DOES matter, and what great athletes believe.  And what about overtraining,
obsessiveness, or a need to continue to prove ourselves?  What does being healthy actually mean, really?

If you’re one who always has a good excuse for why you don’t work out or eat right, you’ll either never set eyes on my blog again or live for the next post.  I will share strategies and give you real life tools that have helped me raise 3 kids (with a 9 year spread between the oldest and youngest), run my own manufacturing business (with my spouse!), put healthy meals on the table, exercise daily, nurse nagging injuries, train for marathons and ironmans– well, let’s just say I get IT and will help you overcome this very serious obstacle to personal health.

I will extend WAY beyond the walls of a gym or the mental toughness needed to complete a race or accomplish a fitness goal.  This is hard core mental fitness as it pertains to LIFE, raising children, sustaining a marriage, and family dynamics.   It’s about getting the whole family on board to a healthy life.  If your children act disrespectful, complain all the time, are overstressed, won’t eat a vegetable if their life depended on it, throwing wedges between you and your spouse– I’ll be here to lend a hand.

My core belief is that good health starts above the shoulders.  I don’t care how fast you run or how big your biceps are, if you’re messed up between the ears, you’ll end up either burned out or burning bridges with the people that mean the most to you.

My purpose is for us to share what works so you can say, “My family lives a healthy lifestyle and we are happy.”  After many years of trial and error, I can honestly say that  statement out loud.  It’s time for me to share what it took to make this happen.  I’m stepping up to the plate to be the leader and facilitator.  I’ll throw ideas, strategies, facts and opinions out on the table for you to mull over, debate, and most importantly, contribute to!  The more of us that share what works, the healthier we will all be!

If you are committed to healthy living, whether at the starting line or well on your way, there is wisdom here for YOU.  Collaboration is not mutually exclusive of competition.  When we support one another, we all win.  Whether you have more to learn or have much to teach, our FIT community needs you.

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"If you get, give. If you learn, teach." Maya Angelou

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