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Simple Mottos – Big Results

Mottos simplify mission statements

The KISS Principle- “Keep it simple stupid”.  Keeping things simple is one of the most tedious tasks.  Since your goal is simplicity, you’d think it would be simple to be simple.  Naaaaahhhhh!


Living by the seat of your pants may work for some but certainly not for me.  Planning brings focus and intent.  This is IMPERATIVE  if you want to achieve.  Diet plans, business plans, party plans, fitness plans, meal plans, training plans….. you can buy them, read them, or create them.  If you have not accomplished your goals, it is not likely because you picked or created the wrong plan.  (We don’t typically go out and search for a crappy solution to our problems and say, “I’ll take that one to try.”)  If you are motivated enough to have a plan, you probably received a recommendation, read something that intrigued you, or were impressed by the success of others who chose it.  All good reasons.  Your motivation has peaked and you start doing the plan.  Now you don’t get the results you planned for as soon as you had hoped and to solve that problem, you start DOING LESS.  Then you blame the plan.  “If I picked a better plan, I would have had success.”  If it were only that simple.  And books, the media, the web, television—all prey on us because they know this.  Americans jump from plan to plan because it’s always the plan’s fault and now THIS plan is your solution!  And who could blame them— it’s a multi billion dollar industry!

I’m about the “DO”.  I won’t be selling or pushing a plan.  I will be pushing the verb!!  To plan.  The act of planning.  If you DO any plan with diligence you will succeed.  I’ll teach you how to do both!


When you plan and do, life commitments present themselves, circumstances change, schedules shift, injuries happen, new people become part of your world, etc.  I will provide you with all the tools that have helped me keep DOING through all of that.  When I couldn’t run for nearly two years due to a foot injury, I’ll share what I did to KEEP AFTER IT.  When my mother was dying of a progressive illness, I’ll share what I did to KEEP AFTER IT.  When my business was growing and my husband and I were working endless hours, I’ll share what I did to KEEP AFTER IT.  When I started out I couldn’t run a block without stopping if wild dogs were chasing me.  Now I’m about to run my 3rd Boston marathon.  If I can do it, you can.  If I gave up that first block, I wouldn’t be heading to beantown in two weeks.  Plenty of times I feel off track and off balance.  I’ll share what I do to get back in the game.  You want discipline?  I’ll tell you how to get it and keep it.

When you PLAN AND DO, you commit.  When you KEEP AFTER IT, you lead a FIT life for the rest of your life.

"I couldn’t wait for success so I went ahead without it." Jonathan Winters



  1. Donna #

    Hello and congrats upon what appears to be the start of energized conversation and thoughts not only for yourself but those of us in computerland. I appreciate your graphic avatar which to me, signifies your flight to better health with the support of those you love–probably indicated by initials in the wings of the butterfly. You are bookmarked for my daily read. Best wishes on that up-coming Boston marathon!

    April 2, 2012

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