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Outside Matters

It matters what we look like on the outside

What you see in the mirror DOES matter.  Reflecting back is way more than a human body.  It is the refection of how you see yourself.  When you look at your face, your body, your stature in the mirror, do you feel proud?  Disgusted?  Alarmed?  Do you immediately begin criticizing what you see, finding flaws?  What’s the talk that immediately begins in your head?  The simple exercise of looking at yourself in the mirror and listening to your own thoughts is very revealing as to where you are in your FIT life pursuit.

Blame Justus von Liebig.  He is the German chemist that invented the mirror in 1835.  But seriously, there is no reason for us to keep denying that we want to look perfect, fabulous, stunning, gorgeous, desirable, our best.  We all have different body shapes and proportions, so if you’re striving for “perfect” be aware that everyone has his own definition.  Striving to look our best, however, is a personal level of perfection only defined by you.  I say “go for it.”

Why would we NOT strive to look OUR best?  When you like what you see in the mirror on the outside, when your clothes fit right, you feel better on the inside, don’t you?  When you feel better on the inside, it reflects on the outside.  It’s a nice combination.

The problem is not our desire, rather, it’s the way we talk to ourselves as we strive for our best looking self.  If you’re not happy with your size, a body part, your eating habits, your moods, a performance, then you’re not happy with it.  Satisfaction doesn’t drive us to change.  Dissatisfaction does.  That is the root of our desire to take action.  It’s not only OK but necessary to say, “Man, I don’t like how I feel in these jeans” if that’s how you feel.

Now how do you define your path for change.  “I’ve tried and failed and I just don’t know what to do anymore,” you may say.  So you start SEEKING answers for your predicament.  If you ask yourself, “Why am I so out of shape?”  Your brain will oblige you. “Because you’re fat, a lazy slob, and you eat like a pig!”  Now that’s helpful-NOT!  How about “What can I do for 20 minutes today that requires me to put on athletic shoes?” and “If I were to eat 2 vegetables with my dinner tonight, what would they be?”

Next time you look in the mirror, first ask yourself, “Which body part would I most enjoy seeing muscle definition?”  Next question, “What is the strongest part of my body right now?”  We pretend to keep SEEKING answers when all we really need to focus on are better questions.    The answers are EASY.

The mirror tells the truth.  Don’t hide from it.  Instead, try “active acceptance.”  Tal Ben-Shahar, author of “The Pursuit of Perfect,” explains active acceptance as a path from acknowledging the way things are now and then choosing a course of action that is worthy of you.  You have a choice to act courageously and to act diligently.  Will yours be a reflection that is a source of strength or an obstacle preventing you from your ideal pursuits?

“Every one of us has a time limit to fulfill our destiny.  Don’t be one who waits for the final buzzer to start to really live.” [Shawn Phillips]

"To accept life anywhere below our fullest potential is to be living in the gap, blindly accepting 'what is' without ever considering 'what could be." Shawn Phillips

  1. Lori #

    This is cool!

    April 4, 2012
  2. Erin Dinapoli #

    I am building a workout blog and workout clothing site. Would I be able to use some of your images for motivation? I can tag you in them

    February 16, 2017

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