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Willpower Is The New Dirty Word

Willpower = Success!

Watch any program about weight loss, read what the experts are saying about why America has an obesity problem, or even listen to Oprah, and you will hear over and over again that losing weight is not about willpower.  Really? I strongly disagree.  Willpower IS they key!  To have the “will” means you have the focus and desire to change.  To have the “power” means you can actually do it.  I’m baffled at how this has become a dirty word in the weight loss arena.

I’ll hear a nutritionist declare “dieting is not about willpower” and immediately after making the comment will showcase do’s and don’ts of losing weight.  They talk strategies as if they are mutually exclusive of willpower.  Their advice is good but it takes a LOT of willpower to pick that plate over that plate.  It takes a LOT of willpower to avoid the drive through on your way home.  It takes a LOT of willpower to say “no thank you” to grandma’s apple pie!  It takes a LOT of willpower to get your butt out of bed to work out.  And it takes a LOT of willpower to keep up the willpower!!

In all fairness to these wonderful helpers and formerly obese individuals who poo poo the value of personal willpower, I’ll take a stab at what I think they mean.  I think they are trying to tell us to set ourselves up for success by having alternatives readily available.  If you are starving and the only thing around you is baked goodies, then chances are you are going to eat them.  However, if you prepared and have healthy snacks around, you can use your willpower to choose those instead.  You may change your route from work to home just so you don’t have to see the golden arches.

All the plans, diets, healthy recipes, workout fads in the world aren’t going to help you if you don’t have the willpower to follow through.  You should embrace the word and the meaning of WILLPOWER.  Plan and do.  Prepare for success, then use your will and your power to make the right choices and change your life.

“All successful people have good control of their mental attention whether or not they are consciously aware of it. They think what they want, and they want what they think.” Raymond Charles Barker


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  1. Mike #

    I so agree. Where there is a will, there is a way!

    April 8, 2012

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