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The Enormous Power of Questions- Your Steering Wheel

Questions are powerful motivators for change

PLAN your questions when you are motivated and don’t change them when you’re not.  The questions must reinforce rather than undermine your goal when you are making a decision.

Questions are more powerful than commitments, according to research done by Dr. Senay at the University of Illinois.  “Will I exercise today?” is more effective than “I will exercise today.”  The former inspires a sense of responsibility where the latter triggers guilt and shame.

There is a sense of self power that comes from your brain’s ability to answer the question.

The right questions have been the single most powerful motivator for change to my lifestyle.

Our brains are constantly asking and answering.  It is CRITICAL to take charge of those questions and understand the power questions have on our ACTIONS.

My personal favorites/ EXERCISE:

  1. “When I lay my head down to sleep tonight, do I want to know I have completed a workout today?”
  2. “Will I be most proud of myself tomorrow if I worked out today?”
  3. “Do fit people sleep in or get up and work out?  Do I want to be one of those people?”
  4. “What muscle can I flex today that I have been working on lately?”
  5. “What parts of my body are getting stronger?”
  6. “What are the 2 things I am most grateful for when I look at my body in the mirror?”

My personal favorites/ FOOD:

  1. “How will I feel about myself AFTER I eat this?”
  2. “Will a couple minutes of pleasure it takes to eat this be enough to  keep me happy over the next 24 hours?”
  3. “Who is going to win?  The junk (food) or me?”
  4. “When I go to bed tonight will I be prouder of myself if I ate the side salad or the french fries right now?”
  5. “Would I rather drop a few pounds from the weight I’m at now or if I was 10 lbs heavier?
  6. “How about postponing this decision for 10 minutes and then ask myself again?”
  7. “What are the names of at least 2 people in my life who want me to be healthy?”

I use the “head on the pillow” questions a LOT.  There is no greater reward for me than to go to sleep knowing I took great care of myself that day.  When I don’t, it is because I sabotaged myself by allowing disempowering questions to take over.

Control your questions to powerfully influence your actions.

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"What looks like a wall may just be an obstacle in the mind." Lance Armstrong

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