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The Enormous Power of Questions- Self Sabotage

You are your own worst enemy.

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Just as the right questions lead us to positive results, the wrong questions will lead you to inaction, steer you away from your goals, and destroy your self image.

Here are some good examples of self sabotage at work.

“Why am I so damn fat?”
[Answer:  “Because I got fat genes from my mother and I’m a lazy slob!”]

“Why can she eat whatever she wants and I can’t?”
[Answer:  “Because she’s a skinny b@#%h who gets everything she wants!”]

“Don’t I deserve to sleep in because I worked out so hard yesterday?”
[Answer:  “Of course I do.  Rest is important.”]

“Why do I keep working out if it’s not doing any good anyway?”
[Answer:  “That’s right.  It’s not worth it.  Screw it.”]

“Don’t I deserve this piece of pie after this stressful day at work?”
[Answer:  “Absolutely, I earned a bit of pleasure after today!”]

“Ok, just one little bite won’t hurt?”
[Answer:  “Bites don’t count. I didn’t eat a whole piece.”]

“Why should I even bother?  I’m so out of shape. It’s a lost cause anyway.”
[Answer:  “That’s right. I’ll embarrass myself around all those fit people at the gym.”]

“Do I have enough time to get a work out in today? I’ve got so much to do.”
[Answer:  “Yeah, I’ll be too rushed.  Probably better if I wait until tomorrow.”]

“Should I take the day off?  I’m very sore and I don’t want to injure myself.”
[Answer:  “Better play it safe and let the soreness subside.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.”]

“My kids asked if I’d take them to a movie so I guess I’ll have to work out later.  They come first, right?”
[Answer:  “Of course they do. I’m their mom/dad.”]

How do I fix this negative questioning in my head?

  1. PLAN the questions ahead of time when you are motivated and committed.  (See Part I).
  2. PRACTICE the questions at your most vulnerable times that move you toward positive action.
  3. CHANGE the answers to the self sabotaging questions so they don’t reinforce the same old behaviors.

Discipline requires strategic tools and ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS is one of the most importantStart paying attention to your own questions.  How are they working for you?  Put some thought into your brain’s dialog and make adjustments to control your life’s path.

"Your mind is a tool you can use any way you wish. The thoughts you choose to think create the experiences you have." Louise L. Hay


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