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America’s Mind Plague- Excuses

Your excuses are legitimate. Now let's go work out.

The number one reason we have an obesity epidemic is because we make excuses under the guise of being busy, flexible, in crisis, skeptical, cynical, physically unable, too old, and selfless. 

If you don’t care about your health, there isn’t much I or anyone can do to help you.  Frequently this stems from a sense of power you get subconsciously from the refusal to even care.  

Some folks prefer to view a FIT lifestyle as if it were from another planet, one they don’t (or think they can’t) belong to.  You may know what to do but are choosing not to because you could fail.  Many unfit people are more capable than the average of becoming real athletes (or once were), but they know the drill and don’t want to work from the ground up. Ego and pride can be our worst enemies.

You have to face the starting line and the reality of where you are at NOW. 

It’s easier to live in the memory of running that 5 minute mile in high school or catching that touchdown pass.  It is surprisingly refreshing to declare you are at square one.  You may think you will be humiliated when you’ll really be overcome with relief!

We ALL have really good, rational, real excuses.

There lies the problem.  You are not making it up that your kids have to be picked up from school, that your ill mother needs to go to the doctor, that your spouse is at work and you don’t have a babysitter, that you have class or have to study, etc.  I believe you!  I get it.

Excuses spread like cancer in your head and if you don’t have a strategy to live healthy despite your good excuses, you will never live a FIT life. 

My life’s plate has been filled to the rim and if I can make it happen, so can you!  I have lived this lifestyle while raising babies, toddlers and teenagers.  I have always worked outside the home.  There was a time we could hardly afford a gallon of milk.  It can be done no matter what your life circumstances happen to be.  The irony is that the more life demands from you, the healthier and more energetic you need to be to handle it all.

Set your rules and do not break them!  (See Rules Rule)

If you have trouble writing the rules, well, now you know where the problem actually lies.  Now you know why you can’t lose that last 10 pounds.  Rule setting is very revealing.  You’ll see how committed you REALLY are when you realize the only time you can work out on Wednesdays is 4:30am!  Face and address these realities.  PLAN AND DO and you will never let yourself down again.

When you fall, get up with a weight in your hand.  (See Simple Mottos- Big Results)

So what if you do make an excuse, skip a workout, run the train completely off the track–what then?

The difference between a mistake and an excuse is a mistake leads us to action whereas an excuse doesn’t.  When you slip up, get up.  Give yourself a small consequence–add 10 minutes to your workout or lift a slightly heavier weight.  Sound silly?  When you know you are paying back a debt, you have less guilt over the slip-up and you start a habit of being accountable to yourself.

A FIT life is not about perfectionism.

I have enjoyed every bite of a large dessert.  I have also slipped up, pigged out, felt like a blob, wimped a workout— you name it. It only takes just 1-2 workouts following to feel back on track.  There are times to splurge on purpose and enjoy it.  There are times we splurge by accident.  A FIT lifestyle just means this isn’t your “normal.”

Excuses are pleasant tasting poisons.

They negatively reinforce us by taking away what we DON’T want to do.  They poison us by holding us hostage to our couches.

Don’t let another good excuse get in the way of your FIT life.

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"The will must be stronger than the skill. " Muhammad Ali

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