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America’s Mind Plague- Excuse Revolution!

Which plague is holding you back?

View Part I of this 2 part series, America’s Mind Plague- Excuses.

“I’m too busy.”

If being healthy is your priority, then time isn’t an issue. Time for other tasks is the challenge. If you don’t have time to work out, look at your priorities first before addressing anything else. Be honest. Only grief will come from a false priority list.A lot of very busy people are very FIT. They have families and jobs too. You are never too busy to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.  Set your rules committing to baby steps.

  • 15 minutes of walking before class or work each day.
  • 15 minutes of walking stairs at lunchtime.
  • 20 knee push-ups over your baby on the floor.
  • Run from class to class.

Establish the habit first. Increase duration and intensity later.

“My schedule is crazy and I have to be flexible with my workout schedule.”

When you write your rules, define the parameters of that flexibility.  This keeps you accountable to yourself so your need for a flexible workout schedule doesn’t turn into a trap of inaction.

“I have 5 tests next week, my cousin’s brother is getting divorced, and my boyfriend lost his job, and…and…and….”

There is always a crisis to focus on.

When you live from crisis to crisis, you do not need to focus on your goals and commitments in your own life.  A crisis is all consuming and the perfect way out of commitment.  It also draws sympathy from others and makes it harder for others to hold you accountable.  Those who live this way will see years go by and will not have accomplished their goals.

This is a self made tornado and a dangerous enemy to achievement.  If you don’t have an immediate crisis in your own life, you’ll find one in a family or friend’s life.  After all, somebody needs you somewhere all the time.

The first step here is acknowledgment.  If you realize this is a problem for you, take a look at what scares you when you focus on yourself.  As soon as you are willing to step up to the starting line your true self, you can move beyond the next crisis.

“One thing or another’s going to kill me so why not enjoy this country fried steak and french fries while I’m here!”

Why not have to stick yourself with needles of insulin at age 30?

Why not make the drug companies richer by taking their cholesterol lowering drugs?

Why not help raise the costs of medical premiums?

Why does it really matter if I’m around to see my grandchildren?

If you are one of these folks, well I know you’re not as you certainly wouldn’t be reading this blog.  If this was you at one time, congratulations for saving your own life!

“My knees are bad and I can’t exercise.”  “I’m too old and my body doesn’t move like it used to.”

See a doctor and get evaluated.  If you don’t do that, it is likely because you don’t want to be told that you are NOT falling apart.

That is my favorite part of the show, The Biggest Loser.  These seriously obese contestants with all kinds of aches and pains are under direct medical supervision. The trainers know exactly what they are dealing with so complaints don’t land anyone on the sideline. “No excuses” was this season’s theme.

You are going to hurt when you have been sedentary or when you work new muscles and stretch ligaments.  A big reason you hurt is because you haven’t moved your body and your muscles are weak.  You hurt because you are carrying extra weight on your joints.

You have a choice.

Hurt now and stay the way you are or hurt now while improving your condition so you won’t hurt later.

Water is a great place to start moving.  You don’t have to swim laps.  You can move your arms and legs while wearing a life vest.  Just the process of getting in and out of a pool, getting a swimsuit on, is exercise.

Work your upper body with or without weights while watching TV.

You are never too old to move.  If you want to look and FEEL young, you have to move.  Period.  Don’t wait for open heart surgery or diabetes to get this message.

“I don’t have time to take care of myself because more important tasks or people require my attention.”

I saved the best excuse for last.  This is not just an excuse of women and mothers.  Men and women who work, particularly those that travel with their jobs, are very prone to this mantra.  College students with pressures of classes, tests, social activities–especially those lacking good organizational skills–are convinced they have to sacrifice themselves for the mission at hand.

“My muscles can wait but my flight can’t.”

“My boss needs that report on her desk by tomorrow morning.”

“The treadmill will still be at the gym when my test is over Friday.”

The best part about working in exercise in your day is the “new and improved” you that comes out.  More energetic, sharper minded, more patient, more relaxed, and more productive.

People neeeeeed us.  You have to feed them, do their laundry, take them to sports practice, help with homework.  How selfish would you be if you said “no” to taking the kids to the park because your aerobics class starts at the same time?

What your kids/spouse want most is for you to be in a good mood.  You react to their foibles better. You’re nicer to be around.

Children aren’t going to say, “Mom, I want you to go to aerobics class instead of taking me to the park.” So pretend he is saying, “Mom, if you go to aerobics class and come home happy and nice for the rest of the day, that’s much better than going to the park and you’re grumpy.”

It’s time to swat these excuses for good and take your place at the front of the line so you’ll be strong for those lined up behind you.

"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - It is an amazing journey - And you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This the day your life really begins." Bob Moawad

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