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ABsolutely Core Crazed- Part III

Using weighted balls

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A weighted ball, from 2 to 8 pounds, is an excellent tool to make core strength training more challenging.  It adds weight to the exercise but also involves balance and coordination.  I suggest using a regular weighted ball with no handles except for the last exercise listed where I recommend a heavier ball with handles.

  • Chop Chop
    • Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
    • Hold ball with both hands and reach with ball up and to the right and then bring down forcefully at a diagonal down toward your lower left hip.  You are making a diagonal chopping motion.
    • The real value of this exercise is the diagonal reach and the stopping of the momentum as you power down.
    • Do several reps on both sides until it doesn’t feel easy anymore.
    • Better to use a lighter ball and use more force.
  • Ball Lunge Twist
    • Alternate walking lunges while holding the weighted ball in both hands.
    • Twist side to side while lunging.
    • Try straight arm and bent arm.
  • Russian Floor Twist with Ball
    • Flat on back with knees bent toward chest and ball held between knees.
    • Stabilize your body with your hands on the floor out to the side.
    • Twist your knees side to side without letting the ball drop.
  • Reverse Crunches on Bench
    • Flat on back on bench that has handles behind you (or grab underside of bench by your head if necessary).
    • Place weighted ball between your knees and with legs straight, pull legs up and toward ceiling and slightly past vertical.
    • Do not use momentum or rocking to help you elevate your legs.  If too difficult, do them without the ball or without ball and bent knees.
  • Knee Pull-Ins
    • Sit on edge of bench holding ball.
    • Balance on your rear while moving bent knees in and out working your lower abs.  Hold the ball steady at chest, move side to side, or extend forward.
    • More advanced: hold one leg out straight while moving only one leg in and out at a time.
  • Side Lunge Diagonal Twists with Heavy Ball
    • Use a heavy weighted ball with handles preferably.  I use 18-20 lb ball.  You could also use a regular dumbbell.
    • While holding ball, side lunge to the right touching ball to the outside of your right foot.  Now forcefully bring ball from that position diagonally with straight arms up and over your left shoulder twisting as you execute.
    • Do several in the same direction before switching sides to the other diagonal.
    • Don’t cheat yourself on this.  Use a heavy ball.  Really thrust the ball into the air and use your strength to stop the momentum.
    • Get in a good twist but control it.  Got love handles?  This exercise is for you!


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