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Cafe Gratitude- Restaurant Reflection

Cafe Gratitude gives us many reasons to be grateful in Kansas City.

Photograph from Cafe Gratitude website

Open heart…open mind…open mouth when visiting Cafe Gratitude in California and if you can believe it, Kansas City!

I could not wait to indulge at this 100% organic, plant based restaurant, keen on buying local goods that are seasonal and fresh.  If you are serious about your health, love food for what it IS in its original state, and want to leave feeling better about yourself than when you went in, Cafe Gratitude is your place.

Think you have to give up nachos to be healthy? Think again. We absolutely loved Cafe Gratitude’s I am Honoring nachos with spicy sunflower “bean” pate, guacamole, salsa fresco, nacho “cheese” with homemade crackers.  The all raw concoction was full of crunch, creamy deliciousness, with an unexpected kick to it.  I absolutely wanted to devour a second round of these but made myself move on. (Sorry, our crew ate this so fast I didn’t even get a chance to snap a pic!)

Two hearty corn tacos

I am Transformed is their corn tacos specialty that was incredible.  If you are normally a meat eater and turn your nose up at plant based foods for fear you won’t feel satisfied, these tacos are for you!  They are generously filled with brown rice and black beans— no big revelation there. But they top them with the best tasting guacamole that is slightly different than the norm but super flavorful.  On top of that is their cashew nacho cheese and salsa fresca.  That triple combo is what makes this dish worth ordering again and again.

Choose quinoa or brown rice

I ordered the I am Whole macrobiotic bowl filled with quinoa and vegetables with a garlic-tahini sauce. I enjoyed it but regretted not asking for the sauce on the side. Tahini sauces tend to overpower dishes in my opinion and this was no exception. It was a bowl full of lovely ingredients and bursting with multitudes of flavors.

Never had a BLT like this!

My husband ordered the I am Extraordinary BLT sandwich. I cannot wait to go back and order this for myself. It is made with a chipotle-maple coconut “bacon” with a spicy cashew aioli.  My mouth is watering just thinking about the couple bites I stole when my husband’s head was turned:).  Absolutely out of this world flavor!  Nice sesame whole grain bun holding all the “extraordinary” crunchiness within. Served with avocado and typical burger-like fixin’s! Yummo!

You won’t leave thirsty either!  The entire rear side of the menu is filled with teas, organic coffees, juices and smoothies. My friend ordered the equivalent of a chocolate milkshake called I am Eternally Sweet. Entirely vegan, made with raw cacao and their homemade ice cream. This thick sipper got its name for good reason. My friend liked it so much he ordered a second one!

Topping off the evening, I ordered their homemade ice cream with caramel sauce. Nothing like regular ice cream or even the soy or coconut based vegan ice creams I’m used to, it took me a few bites to really appreciate the creamy, wholesome taste of this dessert. I would definitely order it again probably in shake form next time.

The Director of Awesomeness, as she calls herself, is the co-owner, Natalie George. She said her life was transformed when she ate at the Cafe Gratitude in San Fran. She and her husband brought the concept to Kansas City and like any new business owners, they are determined to make this restaurant a huge success in K.C. “Results have been better than expected since we opened in May,” she said.

Our server, Matt, was an absolute delight with a genuine smile and personable demeanor— qualities hard to find at many restaurants these days. He made us feel welcome, served us promptly, and his suggestions hit the jackpot with our group.  Seriously though, how can you be a grumpy waiter if you’re serving dishes called I Am Accepting and I Am Magical?  Ha!

Check out the Cafe Gratitude website to learn more about this innovative concept of serving compassionate, environmentally conscious food with fresh, wholesome ingredients. They even have their own farms!

I felt grateful, transformed, honored, and extraordinary and that was just after one visit! 

"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. nancy #

    Great review!!! We shall go back with Adam and Carly and close the place down.

    May 22, 2012
  2. Carly #

    I had the extraordinary too and enjoyed every sweet spicy and crunchy bite of it! We will definitely have to go back and order a shake (or two!)

    May 23, 2012
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