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My Swim Gear Picks

Skitz Picks

No more lap counting or watching pool clocks!  

My absolute FAVORITE swim gadgets! Simple, reliable, and durable. I never swim without these. 

SKITZ TIP: SportCount makes combination models but I don’t recommend them. I purchased one and returned it because when 1 or 2 buttons due a variety of tasks, you’re constantly trying to figure out what screen you’re on, switch between screens, etc. Remember, you’re in a pool with goggles on! I always wear the lap counter on my index finger and when I want to time my intervals, I put the timer on my other index finger. Simple and does the job.

Purchase SportCount Lap Counter

Purchase SportCount Lap Timer

Only about 1" in size. Does not interfere with your swimming.

For more info on SportCount Lap Counters and Timers, check out their website.

No more leaky goggles!

I have tried many brands of goggles and these are my favorite. I like the wider lip which doesn’t dig into your face and cause those attractive raccoon lines:(. These keep all moisture out and provide a larger field of vision, an advantage in the open water. They are larger than traditional swim goggles so consider that before purchasing. These are great for older people who swim but are skeptical of wearing traditional goggles.

Aqua Sphere makes several different models. I like the Vista.

I have both the clear for indoor swimming and the smoked lens for open water racing.

Purchase Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles with clear lenses

Purchase Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles with smoked lenses

No more fogged up goggles!

I have tried many anti-fog sprays but this one works best for me. I spray my goggles the night before I swim and let them dry overnight. Before swimming, I lick my index finger and gently wipe across each lens. The goggles should be completely dry when you put them on. The dry goggle seal works best when applying them to a dry face.

Purchase Z’Fogless Anti-Fog Spray

No more hair ripped from my head!

Keep those vinyl caps away from me, pleeeeease! I hate wearing them in races but you don’t have a choice. Ladies, try the Speedo Lycra cap. I buy several at a time because like any Lycra material, over time they will stretch out. Each cap lasts me several months. It stays in place, conforms to my head well over a pony tail, and most importantly, doesn’t pull my hair.

Purchase the Speedo Lycra Swim Cap

SKITZ TIP: Always rinse out your suit and gear after each swim. Chlorine is harsh and a quick rinse will insure longevity of these items.

Happy Laps:)!

  1. Eileen Herbert #

    I too had used lycra swim caps for years – the latex ones felt like a rubber band around my head . Then I happened to purchase a polyester cap in 2007 . Size and color virtually the same since I bought it . You have to buy them from Great Britain swim sites . Virtually unavailable in US or Canada- they last too long Ebay has some from Asia . Dead cheap but they eventually sag .Still they last a lot longer than the lycra caps.

    January 3, 2014

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