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WAKE UP, AMERICA! A New Series about FOOD

A Double Whammy: Food Revolution & Food for Thought

This tool can save your life if used wisely.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to our body’s fuel: FOOD.

While writing this blog and running Photo-Graphics Co., Inc., I always have pots simmering on my back burners about ready to boil. Think of me as your personal life espresso machine. I run tons of information through me, learn from those who know their stuff, and then serve you up a cup of concentrated, super rich wisdom:).

As your self-appointed “filter,” I’ll make sure you get information that could change, extend, or even save your life. I want to fuel your passion to live a FIT life—after all, that’s what is all about.

Here is what you can expect in this eye opening series.

The Food Revolution Summit

I had the privilege of listening to 24 of the world’s top experts on food. The interviews were conducted by John Robbins (son of the founder of Baskin-Robbins). I absorbed the best wisdom on food I have ever heard. Food activists ranged from T. Colin Campbell, the famous author of The China Study, to Rory Freedman, best selling author of Skinny Bitch.

I will give you a synopsis of each interview. Think of these as your “clif notes” on FOOD. Learn facts about GMO’s, BPA’s, industrialized agriculture, corporate greed, sustainable living, food ingredients and much more. Don’t know what those initials stand for? No worries, you will soon.

I often listened to these interviews while running. I got so fired up- my adrenaline pumping like an oil rig. I’d finish one and swear it was the best I’d heard until I started the next one. My brain absorbed all this new information like a sponge. If I don’t unload all this life altering stuff soon I’m going to start dripping:)

Food for Thought

I’ll share verdicts from current research studies and recommendations to help you make better choices day by day. This portion of the series will include tips and interesting tidbits from trusted sources.

Initially this segment will focus on how food affects our brain chemistry. Boring? Not when I give you tips on where to buy your vitamins and how to sleep better! Not when I tell you how you can avoid ever taking anti-depressants! Not when I tell you what you can do to increase the effects of your one cup of coffee by 70% before your next race!

A big thanks to Dr. Merrily Kuhn, a woman with more degrees than I have children, who educated me and hundreds of others this month on how nutrients affect our mental and physical beings.

Gotta love interpreters of hard science like Dr. Kuhn and the physicians interviewed as part of the Food Revolution. But there’s a lot of info! You have to be a health geek like me to want to read it all in order to apply it. Not so for YOU!

Visit on FOOD FRIDAYS and I’ll have a cup of strong espresso waiting to fire you up. (Invite your friends for coffee–they need to WAKE UP too!)

WAKE UP, AMERICA! We have a disease care system in America not a health care system. This is a global warning!

I pay almost $20,000 per year in health insurance premiums for our family and ONE employee. That’s with high deductibles and $75 doctor visit copays.

Awareness does not guarantee change. But it does guarantee choice. A choice you might not have known you had.

That’s how we change our world for the better.

To learn more about The Food Revolution Network or purchase the entire Food Revolution Summit, click below.

Important Note: All information within this series is my interpretation and opinion based on what I have heard or read. Seek professional advice when altering your diet and nutrition plan. Nothing herein should be construed as medical advice nor is it meant to replace individualized consultation based on your personal circumstances. Use this as a guide for self advocacy and further research.

[sneak peek message=”Next Food Revolution Friday: Bill Clinton credits Dr. Dean Ornish for helping to save his life.”]

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." Barbara Pletcher

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