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WAKE UP AMERICA! Morgan Spurlock

Fast food is killing you.

Who is Morgan Spurlock?

Made famous after producing and starring in the documentary, Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlock made a difference in the way Americans characterize fast food. He shocked some, validated theories, and horrified many when he embarked on a 30 day eating journey with remarkable results. Nothing but McDonalds fast food for 30 days.

Morgan went on to executive produce and star in the reality TV series, 30 Days. He has launched his second season of A Day in the Life which explores the lives of some of the world’s most interesting people.

A high spirited Dad with a zest for controversy, he uses the media to send important messages with the hope of influencing our personal choices for the better.

In the words of Morgan Spurlock

McDonalds said the food they sell is healthy and nutritious. I had to see for myself.

  • The idea of this experiment came to Morgan after 2 girls sued McDonalds for making them obese.
  • McDonalds alone feeds 45 million people every single day. 22.5 million in the U.S. alone.
  • When McDonalds states “how many billions sold” they are not talking about their apple slices but their burgers.

The speed at which my body was collapsing was remarkable.

  • Two physicians referred to his liver as “pate” and were shocked at the amount of liver damage that occurred just by eating fast food daily.
  • He was lethargic and resembled symptoms of bipolar disorder with severe highs and lows.
  • Weight gain and constant hunger were obvious side effects.

It all gets back to money. 

  • Fast food restaurants encourage overeating because those “super size” portions are profitable. A larger size barely increases costs to produce but they can charge enough to double the profit.
  • Corn and soy are heavily subsidized products used mostly to feed animals. That is why packaged junk food at the store is so much cheaper than organic vegetables. Packaged junk food can stay on the shelves indefinitely. “The only thing left after a nuclear war will be the cookies and a cockroach.”
  • Big business lobbying from the Big Ag, The Sugar Association, The National Livestock and Meat Board, Cowmen’s Association, The Beef Council, The Dairy Council, and The Milk Board, have tremendous power over the Farm Bill and all food legislation.

The fast food industry fools people into thinking they care about childhood obesity.

  • When direct advertising of fast foods to kids was prohibited, the industry got creative. McDonalds used Ronald McDonald to create an exercise video which was nothing more than a commercial for the food that got them fat and unhealthy in the first place.

Brainwash your children.

  • Morgan believes it’s the parents job to brainwash their own kids when it comes to what they should eat.
  • Don’t give in to the social pressure for your children to fit in with the crowd through their food choices.
  • We model after our parents even if it isn’t evident until later in life. You have to be a little rigid in our society to teach these lessons.
  • Kids develop a palate for junk food OR a palate for healthy food. Their palate talks to their brain and influences what they want to eat.

There are no shortcuts.

  • Our society tries to sell us a quick fix or a silver bullet every day. Quick fixes cause other problems.
  • People overeat because their bodies are craving real nutrition. We overeat on cookies not broccoli. Because when we eat broccoli our body is served nutrients it needs. Junk food only makes us crave more junk food so we never get satisfied– therefore, we overeat.

My Takeaway

I would not have guessed that a body could deteriorate that fast eating at McDonalds. To know that 22 1/2 million Americans eat at McDonalds on a daily basis is deeply disturbing. And that’s just McDonalds!

Ever wonder how in the world a McDonalds cheeseburger in Kansas can taste exactly the same in China? Because most fast food restaurants steam their meat to help insure all bacteria is killed. Steaming destroys flavor so they have to flavor it. The news show, 60 minutes, broadcasted a tour of the largest flavoring “institute.” Chemicals are flavoring almost all of your food! (Check it out here).

We can educate but when you’re addicted to fat, sugar and salt– you likely won’t WANT to listen. You don’t want to give it up.

The companies with the power are never going to spearhead reform- never! Why would they? There is too much profit pouring in.

We have to influence people through their wallets. Similar to what has happened with cigarettes. Government subsidies need to shift to whole foods, organic farms, free range meats, etc. and away from high fructose corn syrup and the like.

As long as fast food is dirt cheap and the smell of french fries in the deep fryer is irresistible, we can waddle our way to the “platinum” arches of tomorrow.

A Healthier YOU begins…

…with a pledge to prepare quick, healthy meals at home at least 5 days a week. Click here to get started.

Learn more about the work of Morgan Spurlock.  His books, videos and projects can be viewed and purchased on Amazon.

Learn more about The Food Revolution and how you can purchase the entire summit in audio and .pdf formats.

The Food Revolution Network, founded by food activists, John & Ocean Robbins, conducted a series of audio interviews with twenty-four of the most well respected researchers, doctors, and authors, with a focus on how we can improve our food systems and lead healthier lives. This series will provide summaries of each of these interviews so that we may all improve our health by eating more consciously. Please read intro to series for disclaimer.

"The measure of a man is not what he has but what he can let go." Scott Tinley

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  1. DonnaK #

    Love how your site immediately connects one with all the previous healthy hints you have given. Kodos to the person who is doing your site management!

    June 17, 2012
  2. Brianna Ortbals #

    I watched that flavoring institute video…ughhh it is so true! Is anything we eat actually real??? Does the flavor come from the food or is it all just a chemical that makes us come back for more? It is disturbing…

    June 25, 2012

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