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Desoto Arm Coolers

Skitz Pick

Hands down one of the best clothing items I have ever bought for training and racing!

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I have a definite opinion when it comes to arm sleeves. The cooling sleeves are the most versatile!

Go to any bike shop and you will see tons of warming sleeves. Most are quite heavy and thick. If I need to wear those, chances are it’s cold enough to need Under Armour or a jacket.

These Desoto Arm Coolers are perfect for:

  • Cool days but not cold enough to need a jacket.
  • Long workouts when you want a little cover at first but not as the day gets warmer.
  • Hot days to protect your arms from the sun and reflect the heat off of you.
  • When you prefer full freedom of movement in your shoulders instead of the constriction of a jacket.
  • When you don’t want to fiddle with or discard clothing in a race. These roll down and can be used to wipe your face and nose.

The elastic grips are gentle and don’t dig into your arms. Easy to take on and off and pack in a pocket or even the back of a bike jersey.

You don’t need to be a cyclist, runner or triathlete. Walkers would love these for the same reasons! No more tying jackets around your waist!  

You can find these at many race expos and Amazon and SwimOutlet sell them at a great price too!

This is simply a MUST HAVE in your FIT CLOSET!

Desoto Arm Coolers

Rainy, windy day at Redman Half Iron Triathlon

Where to buy?

Purchase Desoto Arm Coolers at either of these on-line sources: or

See all Desoto products.

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