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WAKE UP AMERICA! The Big Bad Boy of Food

The future of our food supply is being manipulated by a corporate giant, Monsanto.

The safety of our food supply is in serious danger

Do you want to unknowingly feed your family genetically modified foods (commonly referred to as GMO’s)? The truth is you already are. It all begins with a tiny seed.

Who is Dr. Vandana Shiva?

In 2011, Dr. Vandana Shiva was named by Forbes Magazine one of the seven most powerful feminists. A world known environmental leader, Dr. Shiva hoped to spend her life studying physics equations in a quiet room. But she found herself unable to refrain from the fight to protect our world’s food supply.

Dr. Shiva has authored many books including Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis. She is founder of Nine Seeds, a movement promoting the use of native seeds.

All the way from India, Dr. Shiva participated in the Food Revolution Summit, due to the importance of educating the world about how corporate greed can monopolize our food system.

Her interview alarmed and disturbed me.

Don’t think you give a hoot about seeds? I wasn’t sure I did either until I learned they are at the root (literally!) of our entire food system.

In the words of Vandana Shiva

A small handful of corporations are trying to patent and control seeds.

  • Corporations like Monsanto want to patent seeds acting as if they invented the seeds which they have not.
  • When a company patents seeds, diversity of crops is extinguished. For example, India evolved 200,000 varieties of rice only possible with small scale production. Monsanto has given us 4 crops: Roundup Ready canola, soya, corn, and Bt corn/Bt cotton.  Bt crops involve spraying herbicides causing super-pests and toxins.

The suicide rate amongst Indian farmers has reached a quarter million due to Monsanto’s debt trap. This is genocide!

  • 95% of India’s cotton crop is now owned by Monsanto after just a decade.
  • Large corporations promise small farmers big crop yields only to end up charging them for seeds they never used to pay for because they are the originators of the seed to begin with. The corporations convince innocent farmers to sign mortgages on their land (called loans) with false promises of high yields and pest control.
  • These innocent farmers end up with an 8000% increase in seed prices. Farmers are committing suicide because they have no where to turn.

Monsanto didn’t get into the seed and agriculture business until they realized the enormous profits they could reap. 

  • Monsanto was in the war chemicals industry. Known for agent orange and toxins.
  • Monsanto realized that by controlling seed through patents, they could control the entire food chain. Think of the guaranteed profits!

Monsanto was manipulative and relentless in their pursuit.

  • They convinced the World Trade Organization (WTO) that it was an intellectual property crime for farmers to save seeds.
  • Monsanto began suing organic farmers for crops that were actually contaminated by Monsanto.
  • These large agriculture companies are taking over our governments by drafting the policies they want for themselves.

The danger of genetically modified seeds.

  • Monsanto has convinced governments that they can feed the world by using GM seeds. They received a 7.7 billion dollar government subsidy!
  • Monsanto was prevented from introducing Bt aubergine and Bt eggplant 2 years ago thanks to tremendous effort.
  • If not stopped, they steal, then patent, then contaminant the native varieties, then sue the farmers whose crops they contaminated.
  • Coexistence between GM crops and organic crops is not possible. Cross pollination is inevitable.
In a nutshell.
  • “There is no food sovereignty without seed sovereignty. There is no food freedom without seed freedom.”

My Takeaway

I am adamantly opposed to genetically modified food. The DNA is modified by using molecules from different sources to create a new set of genes. I want to bless farmers not engineers when I’m eating my food. 

I believe labeling is a huge key to this fight. I think the public is generally fearful of GM foods. Currently you don’t know if you are buying genetically modified ingredients because there is no indication on the package. With labeling, we can vote with our pocketbooks. Of course, the big guns are fighting labeling tooth and nail. California will be the first state to vote on a GM labeling initiative.

In the meantime, here is a great NON-GMO shopping guide site that I use:

A Healthier YOU begins…

…with purchasing more organic foods, supporting local farmer’s markets, and avoiding genetically modified foods whenever possible. 

Learn more about Dr. Vandana Shiva and how you can become more involved.  Her books are available on Amazon.

Learn more about The Food Revolution and how you can purchase the entire summit in audio and .pdf formats.

The Food Revolution Network, founded by food activists, John & Ocean Robbins, conducted a series of audio interviews with twenty-four of the most well respected researchers, doctors, and authors, with a focus on how we can improve our food systems and lead healthier lives. This series will provide summaries of each of these interviews so that we may all improve our health by eating more consciously. Please read intro to series for disclaimer.

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