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Should You Workout on Vacation?

It's up to the parents to make fitness a family affair.

While most trips are about enjoying and slowing down the pace of life to feel every momement of it, we perfer working out even on them. A recent trip to Austin, Texas to celebrate our daughter’s 21st birthday included a few family style workouts. She spent her last birthday with friends; thus, this time gave all her time to the family. Although right before we left, she did get a ton of gifts from her friends primarily consisting of vegan products as she likes them. You can check out the following to find some of the best Vegan eyeliners in this review:

The trip was quite fun as it most mostly including exercise when you’re away from your normal environment and routine is a challenge for even the most steadfast athletes.

Consider these 5 FIT tips when vacationing with the whole clan.

Take the Lead

You send a powerful message to your kids when you plan and initiate a time on vacation for family fitness. You demonstrate that fitness is a part of your life, not a duty. You enjoy being active no matter where you are.

Change it Up

My favorite part of exercising on vacation is making it fun and different. Trips provide a great time to take advantage of unique opportunities that you might not have at home. Water sports, rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, ocean swimming or whatever your destination offers. A great time to demonstrate that fitness is a way of life, not just about hours on a treadmill.

Explore on Your Own Power

Running, walking, cycling and hiking are great ways to see the sites.  An early morning run in a new city is my favorite way to take notice of my new surroundings. Seek out local trails and running paths. Explore mountains or beaches. Take snapshots in your mind of peaceful scenery.

Accomodate Everyone

Family vacations are not the time to be hard core. Rent beach cruiser bikes instead of road bikes. Cruise at a pace that allows everyone to have fun. Stop at a cafe that looks interesting along your route. If your children are small, check out local playgrounds, build sand castles and use strollers as necessary. The point is to choose activities that provide interaction.

Splurge a Little

Vacations are a great time to show your children that you can cut loose a bit. Share desserts. Eat a little junk food if you want. Without overdoing it, send the message that you can splurge once in awhile guilt-free. However, I do challenge my kids to find restaurants that serve healthy fare. Not an easy task unfortunately. This teaches them to be smart consumers 100% of the time. Frequently our investigation leads us to unique restaurants where the locals eat that are much less touristy and way more interesting.

Austin, Texas is a very fun place to visit. There are great lakes with ample running paths, kayaks and even water bikes. The extreme heat doesn’t seem to prevent folks from exercising outdoors. Known to be the Live Music Capital of the World, the downtown is lined with popular diners, bars and shops.

Our first lunch was at a totally gluten-free restaurant called Hickory Street.

I love the way the signage gives a unique feel to Austin’s famous 6th Street.

Vegan cupcakes from Capitol City Bakery. They were delicious!

 It’s really hard to leave your kids even when they’re grown:(

"Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones."

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  1. Chloe Ortbals #

    Your 5 FIT tips were great. Also, on vacation it is nice to wake up at 8:00 instead of 6:00! A little treat you can give yourself, but still doing the work out. And vacations allow you to do so many more activities that you wouldn’t do at home. When we go to Colorado we can hike or bike ride and it is a nice change of scenery! I loved this post. I think it gives good reasons to keep your fitness up while on vacation.

    July 19, 2012

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