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Ladies First- WinKC Women’s Triathlon

Next time you want to feel like you belong, sign up for an all women's triathlon.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are strong and others struggle. Some are toned and some jiggle. Some are tweens and some are grandmas.

Many wouldn’t be caught dead being seen in their underwear but their butt covered in Lycra, no problem!

I just completed my third all women’s triathlon. So many reasons to smile and appreciate the opportunity to share an experience with these courageous women. Awaiting the start, nobody cares about make-up or cellulite, muffin tops or pedicures. (Ok, they may care about who has the cutest tri-suit on but that’s to be expected:)

I only knew a few participants personally but I felt like I was at a sorority event. Everybody’s welcome and everybody wins. Well, not actually, but it sure feels like it.

I have participated in literally hundreds of athletic competitions. Most of them dominated by men. Nice eye candy but not nearly as all inclusive.

I don’t know how many times during the race I heard, “Great job, girl!” “Go get ’em girl!” “You’ve got this!” “You can do it!” Mind you, these are not shout outs from the crowd but from my competitors! I felt guilty when I was focused on the run instead of cheering on those who were whizzing by me.

A girl apologized to me in the middle of the swim for hitting me with her arm. In my Ironman distance competitions, it’s survival of the fittest– hit hard or drown.

Volunteers everywhere cheering us on!

Women know how to organize a race. The finish line festivities are more elaborate than at marathons or large triathlons. Women know how to put on an after party:)

The spectators catch on quickly that they are expected to cheer on everyone, not just their precious babe.

An all women’s race reminds me what fitness should be about. Competition doesn’t have to crush sportsmanship. Winning isn’t reserved for those on the podium. The gal that finishes last beat every other woman sitting on the couch that morning.

She walked through fear to prove that life is too short to hold yourself back from trying.

I couldn’t have been more proud just to stand in line with these great ladies. If women supported each other in the workplace like they do at an all women’s triathlon, the glass ceiling would shatter all over the men.┬áPut a group of powerful women together and you can move the world.

Don’t get me wrong. Women can be vicious competitors. I’ve stopped associating with some women who were so competitive they ruined the fun of participating.

That’s why I enjoy this race so much. I’m reminded that women supporting other women insures all of us finish strong.

My cousin is such an inspiration and her smile says it all!

My friend’s first triathlon! She’s hooked!

I see the finish! Go baby GO!

Beautiful Day! Great Race! Inspiring Women!

Offered my daughter a new bike if she wants to compete next year! (What was I thinking?!)

"The toughest lift of all is your butt off that couch."


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  1. Erin #

    … and you did amazing too!! Aaron told me your times – GREAT JOB!

    July 30, 2012
  2. DonnaK #

    Wa-H-o-o! Good for you and in this heat everyone is commended. Your statement of “women supporting other women insures all of us finish strong,” is one that should be remembered regardless of where we might apply it. While support can be physical in lifting and bearing of weight, upholding ones theories or giving financial assistance, my favorite (moral support) is the foundation which aides us to endure all of the aforementioned.

    Congrats on your triathlon. I loved seeing your smiling face once again….it takes away the concerned face of supporting condolences we last traded at a funeral.

    July 30, 2012
  3. Linda Glass #

    GREAT pictures and wonderful post! Congratulations. What do I get if I want to compete next year????

    July 30, 2012
  4. DonnaK #

    Post Script: By the way, while driving down Mission the other day, I spotted a runner with a long blonde ponytail. As promised a few blogs ago, I rolled down the window of my shiny new blue vehicle, beeped my horn and gave a thumbs up! She smiled. I wondered if it were you. Did the gesture take a moment’s thought away from her pounding foot steps? But then on down the street by the fire station was another runner with a long blonde ponytail! I wondered again. This gal’s eyes were not turned my way as she drank from the waiting watering tank but kudos to both whomever they were.

    July 30, 2012
  5. DonnaK #

    Funny, funny, LINDA! Wonder what your little sister could entice me with me if I gave it a try. With three artificial joints and carrying too much weight, you guys would have to come back the next day to become the welcoming committee at the finish line or call a medic. LOL

    July 30, 2012
    • fitskitz

      Why don’t you and Linda both participate next year! I’ll put your pictures on the blog:)! I’m sure that’s the reward you’re looking for!! They serve pancakes at the finish line!

      August 8, 2012
  6. That’s my wonderful cousin and my fantastic siter mary at the triathlon!

    You go girls!

    August 9, 2012

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