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WAKE UP AMERICA! Appetite for Profit

The demand for corporate profits is undermining efforts to improve our food supply.

Who is Michele Simon?

Public health attorney, Michele Simon, is your lawyer. Taking on large corporate giants to fight for improvements within the food industry, Michele is making a difference for your future.

Author of the book, Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines our Health and How To Fight Back, Michele teaches us about food politics, corporate tactics, and policy resolutions.  In 2007, Michele’s groundbreaking report lead to a ban on alcoholic energy drinks.

She is President of Eat Drink Politics, an industry watchdog consulting business. With a Master’s degree in Public Health from Yale and a law degree, I am thrilled to know this female activist is on the right side of the battle over our nation’s food supply.

In the words of Michele Simon

School meals are a nutritional disaster.

  • Two tablespoons of pizza sauce is counted as a vegetable.
  • Regulatory agencies like the USDA and FTA try to improve our school lunches but are met with serious opposition by the frozen pizza industry and the potato industry (think tator tots and french fries). Kids end up the losers in the end.

We can’t stop at personal behavioral change.

  • We have a moral obligation to advocate policy changes so that all communities have similar access to healthy food most of us take for granted.
  • There is no shortage of groups who could use your support: Center for Food Safety, Organic Consumers Association,
  • The Farm Bill is the largest agricultural policy and is up for reauthorization this year. Learn what a fair farm bill means for you here.

Food corporations deceive us into thinking they are on the health bandwagon.

  • The CEO’s of Kraft, McDonald’s, Coca Cola do not set goals to make people unhealthy. They set goals to sell more product in order to keep growing.
  • Feeling pressure to address the public relations problems associated with their foods, these corporations put a “spin” on their products to make you think the food is healthier. A healthier bag of Cheetos, diet sodas, 100 calorie packs, children’s meals in a box– all heavily processed foods.

The intended move into urban areas by Wal-Mart is devastating on many fronts.

Here’s how Wal-Mart wants you to fuel your kids.

  • Wal-Mart sells 21% of our groceries. Their impact is already putting other retailers out of business even before spreading out into urban centers.
  • They pay workers very low wages and squeeze their suppliers.
  • There will be a profound negative impact on local farmers. They will be a dying breed as will our choice to purchase locally grown foods.
The meat industry has masterfully made people believe that protein is synonymous with meat.
  • Interchanging the words “meat” and “protein” has been a successful marketing campaign.
  • Studies began to show links between heart disease and colon cancer with meat consumption. The industry responded by distracting the public with the protein emphasis. You need protein so therefore you think you need meat to get it.
Americans are fooled by the color of foods.
  • While red meat consumption has gone down, chicken consumption has skyrocketed. To assume chicken is a health food is a huge mistake.
  • Because milk is white does not mean it’s pure or good for you.

My Takeaway

After hearing Michele Simon’s interview, I began reading her blog and realized how in the dark most of us are on these food issues.

I signed a petition that was sent to my local U.S. representatives to advocate for an improved Farm Bill. I will make sure my voting preferences support those who are not afraid to stand up against corporate greed that impacts our farmers, local agriculture, and animals negatively.

A Healthier YOU begins…

…by linking to resources within this post to increase your awareness and signing the petition to support positive changes in our country’s Farm Bill. Before you cast your vote in an election, know which candidates are willing to stand up to corporations bent on putting profits ahead of public health.

Learn more about Michele Simon.  His books are available on Amazon.

Learn more about The Food Revolution and how you can purchase the entire summit in audio and .pdf formats.

The Food Revolution Network, founded by food activists, John & Ocean Robbins, conducted a series of audio interviews with twenty-four of the most well respected researchers, doctors, and authors, with a focus on how we can improve our food systems and lead healthier lives. This series will provide summaries of each of these interviews so that we may all improve our health by eating more consciously. Please read intro to series for disclaimer.

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