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Pizza Rolls for Grown-Ups

Turn a junk food into a nutritional powerhouse in less than 30 minutes tops.

Never again put frozen pizza rolls in your grocery basket plllllllease!

I love to put “simple” and “gourmet” in the same sentence. Of course my standard for gourmet food is based on taste and presentation and not on culinary skill:).

Here are the main ingredients:

This organic fillo dough by The Fillo Factory has no saturated or trans fat, no sugar, no cholesterol, and vegan to boot. I found it at Whole Foods in the frozen section. Defrost in fridge prior to use.

Black beluga lentils are a nutritional powerhouse. Their dark color is from a natural pigment known as anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. They are delicious and nutty and unique from green lentils, a more popular legume. The great news is Target is selling them right next to the instant 90 second rice packets under their house brand, Archer Farms. No rinsing or boiling necessary.

While microwaving the lentils for 90 seconds, sauté a chopped onion in a skillet with a bit of olive oil. Add in a jar of sliced mushrooms or use fresh. Pour in the cooked lentils after the mushrooms and onions are cooked to your liking. Saute a couple more minutes and then turn off stove.

Fillo dough dries out quickly so have these ingredients ready to go before you open the box:

The fillo sheets are fragile but no worries if they rip slightly. Each sheet is large so you have plenty to roll around the ingredients.

Lay one sheet flat. Fold in half. With your basting brush, dab the sheet with a little garlic olive oil. Don’t overdo it as this is mainly for flavor. With a large spoon, place approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup of skillet ingredients in the center of the folded sheet. Add 1-2 T of pizza sauce and a sprinkle of the Daiya mozzarella. Shake a little herb seasoning on top. Now roll the fillo dough around ingredients as if you were making a burrito. Place on a cookie sheet and cover as you keep working.

I spray the tops with cooking spray and add more herb seasoning before baking.

Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes or until edges start to brown. Then switch to broil for 2-3 minutes to give the tops a golden crisp look. Watch carefully so they don’t burn!

Allow to cool and enjoy the flaky goodness of home-made pizza rolls for the whole family!

Great with fresh corn on the cob in the summer!

A moist and light delight!

"Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do." John Wooden


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  1. Suzanne #

    This looks great. However I do have a concern. I have found Ragu on the list of companies that do business with MONSANTO. This could mean that Ragu uses some GMO ingredients. Probably the tomatoes. Even if they don’t, they still do business with Monsanto & I will boycott them. I will try this with organic tomato sauce & thank you for the idea.

    August 6, 2012
    • fitskitz

      Thanks, Suzanne! Good for you keeping up with products using ingredients with connections to Monsanto. Substituting a more “ethical” sauce is a good tip and much appreciated!

      August 6, 2012
  2. Sandy #

    Are you able to freeze these? I’d love to make them – sound fantastic – but I cook for one…

    December 24, 2012
    • fitskitz

      When you open an inside pack of any type of pastry dough, it is best to use up those sheets so they don’t dry out. I would make up the pizza rolls and freeze them individually (wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and alum foil). I don’t see why they wouldn’t bake just fine after being frozen. Great idea actually in place of a frozen burrito when you’re on the run!

      January 6, 2013

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