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NEO-TOTE* Insulated Water Bottle Holders

Skitz Pick

I don’t like to drink warm water when I’m running outdoors. I like a nice cool stream of refreshment that perks me up. This need sparked a quest long ago. Unfortunately, the marketplace let me down. With every gadget known to man available on the web, ways to transport ice cold water  “on the go” isn’t one of them.

I’ve bought fuel belts, waste packs, Camelbaks— you name it– it’s probably in my closet. For runs lasting longer than an hour, I use a Fuel Belt with 2 plastic bottles. Works just fine but in 5 minutes the fluid is warm. 

I had to get creative. After experimenting with various types of bottles, I found these fantastic little “koozies” for the original plastic bottles. They help protect the fluid from the sun and provide good insulation.

NEO-TOTE ™ Insulated Water Bottle Holders

Ready to run!

Available in various sizes. I bought the 12oz. Not a perfect fit but good enough and doesn’t interfere with drinking.

Different colors too!

Where to buy?

Purchase NEO-TOTE Insulated Water Bottle Holders from  Around $1.99 each plus shipping.

Sizes: 12 oz., 18 oz., 27 oz., 40 oz.  Designed to fit their stainless steel water bottles.

To explore fuel belts, check out Amazon for some great options.

[sneak peek message=”Awaiting delivery of the Nathan Endurance Vest suitable for long runs. Stay tuned to Fit Closet for a review down the road (literally!).”]


[*NEO-TOTE is a trademark of]

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