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Blue Koi – Restaurant Reflection

The food at Blue Koi reflects its leadership.

Whole, fresh food in a bottomless bowl

What makes a great restaurant? Is it the food, service, variety, or atmosphere? These days you’re lucky if your favorite establishment meets your expectations on more than one.

There is one place where owners, Scott and Jane Chang, never miss the mark. That restaurant is Blue Koi.

For under $15.00 you can eat fresh food fit for a king. And have enough to take home for a second meal the next day. That averages out to the same price as a Chipotle’s burrito!

Blue Koi earns its spot in my top 3 favorite restaurants anywhere.  I have tried dozens of items on the menu but my favorite is the soup. This is not an ordinary bowl of soup. Overflowing with fresh vegetables, soft noodles or dumplings, and seasoned just right.

Served piping hot in a bowl the size of a tureen, one slurp is a gift to your soul. From vegetarian to seafood to pot roast, every soup has unique ingredients and its own flavorful broth.

Vegetarian Noodle Soup

Vegetarian Wonton Soup

I love sitting at the bar which overlooks their open kitchen. Blue Koi chefs operate like a symphony orchestra preparing everything fresh. It’s a fascinating scene to witness. You’d swear someone pushed a fast forward button by the speed they operate! Every carrot, cauliflower, dumpling is cooked to perfection. Tender but firm, fresh but not raw.

Satisfying nourishment after a 15 mile run. I will almost finish the entire bowl!

Blue Koi Boiled Dumplings*

Blue Koi is famous for their dumplings, steamed or pan fried. Always cooked al denté and stuffed full of chopped vegetables and either vegan or meat protein. The tofu appetizer has a delicious dipping sauce as do the lettuce wraps.

If you prefer more traditional Asian dishes with your choice of rice or noodles, their black bean sauce is bursting with flavor. Unlike traditional Asian fare, Blue Koi’s selections include ingredients like asparagus, almonds, and crispy red peppers.


The service is always flawless. You never feel rushed or interrupted when engrossed in dinner conversation. The best waiters are those you hardly notice because your needs are met throughout the meal without intrusion. Blue Koi hits the mark with a well-trained, efficient and responsive staff.

So how does Blue Koi operate their railroad so much better than others? There are 2 reasons.

Their names are Scott and Jane Chang, the brother and sister duo who have mastered restaurant ownership.

The minute you step into their domain you know you’re a valued customer. These are not owners who stand around or hide in a back office. They are making drinks, greeting customers and conducting the orchestra of cooks and wait staff that make your experience memorable. They make it look easy as all masters do.

If I were to own a restaurant, I’d want to learn from the best. And the best is Scott and Jane Chang.

Meet Scott and Jane Chang, owners of Blue Koi.

It’s hard to find restaurants that serve healthy fare that isn’t an afterthought. While not everything on the Blue Koi menu is fare game if you’re watching your diet or sodium, you have many choices that will keep you going back guilt-free.

Blue Koi has 2 locations in the Kansas City area. In midtown KC on 39th street and Leawood, Kansas, in Mission Farms at 105th & Mission Road. The environment is pleasant and comfortable and not too loud even at peak times. Patio seating available.

Mission Farms location in Leawood, Kansas*

Bubble teas with tapioca pearls*



It’s on my list to try their trademark Bubble Teas. A blend of nondairy milk, ice, tea, and tapioca pearls, they come in oodles of eye-catching flavors.





As a vegetarian family, we are so appreciative of restaurants that offer multiple meat-free entrees. Blue Koi is a perfect blend of urban swank mixed with feng shui. A place to unwind and nurture your body with a fork and spoon.

See complete menu that is inclusive enough to satisfy all tastes yet not overwhelming. Try not to salivate on your keyboard:)

[*these photos from Blue Koi website]


"Don’t count the days, make the days count."


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  1. Mark Willens #

    Just ate there an hour ago. Delicious. Seafood soup impeccable. Thumbs up.

    September 29, 2012
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