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Be Thankful

Be Thankful by skitz

Be thankful for your difficulties

Even when you’ve had enough

Be grateful for your challenges

They help to make you tough

Be thankful for your efforts

Futile they may feel

Hope and faith remain

For your future will reveal

Be thankful for your loved ones

Who support you when you fall

Celebrate your victories

As if were won by all

Be thankful for your ignorance

For that is when you learn

Seize the opportunity

To grow at every turn

Be thankful for your imperfections

Stop with the critique

Love your mind and body

And all that is unique

Be thankful for your energy

The chatter and the noise

Appreciate your patience

Kindness, smile and poise

Be thankful for your riches

Not those in a cart

All blessings can’t be seen

Only felt in your heart 


" is thankful for YOU!"


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