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Pick Your Pocket- Chick’n Salad Pita Toppers

Tune in every day this week and pick your favorite pocket and eat it too!

This time of year is busy with all the holiday hustle and bustle. While you plan parties and holiday meals, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and exhausted. That’s why I’m sharing a few of my pita pocket meals that are easy and delicious for those nights when you’re tempted to grab fast food. Don’t waste your splurges on weeknight meals!

Pita pockets make a great base for any meal. Less bread to fill you up, fewer carbs, and more room for topping or stuffing. I only purchase whole grain pita pockets either made fresh at a local market or a sprouted wheat pita made by Ezekiel.

Use a knife and fork, roll it up, balance on your fingers, or start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Makes no difference as long as you enjoy yourself:)!

1-2 T Vegenaise
Ezekiel 4:9 Pita Pockets
Westsoy Chick’n Seitan
Olive oil
Celery, diced
Onion, diced
Sweet relish
Tomatoes, diced
Onion powder
Herbamare seasoning
Black pepper
Celery Salt
Daiya Pepper Jack Cheese
Broccoli Sprouts

[Don’t forget to click on links to view the product so you know what to look for in your local store!]

Dice up the chick’n seitan and sauté in olive oil for about 3 minutes. Place seitan in bowl and allow to cool. 

Top the pita pockets with the pepper jack cheese shreds and toast in toaster oven or for a couple minutes under broiler in oven. I prefer a toaster oven so the bottom of the pita gets a little crispy.

In large bowl, mix the cooled seitan with Vegenaise, diced onion, celery, and relish. Stir in sprinkles of onion powder, herbamare seasoning, oregano, tarragon, celery salt, and pepper to your taste. Fold in diced tomatoes.

Top the cheesy toasted pita with the prepared chick’n salad and top with a liberal handful of broccoli sprouts.

Serve with a warm vegetable such as sautéed spinach with sesame seeds for a completely nutritious meal. 

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