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Pick Your Pocket- Baby Fajita Piñatas

Prepare to lick your fingers when these smoky fajitas burst out the seams!

Look for these whole grain mini pockets in your store’s bakery section or at a Whole Foods Market. Fun for kids stuffed with just about anything for lunch or dinner. I love these little miniatures because they tend to be a little thicker so they hold together well. Great idea for parties or a brunch!

While stuffed to the rim with vegetables and protein, they will take you about 10 minutes to make from start to finish! Who said piñatas had to be stuffed with candy?!

Smoked tofu, cut into thin strips*
Olive oil
Bag of frozen bell peppers and onions
Instant wild rice packet
Simply Organic Fajita seasoning packet
Mini whole wheat pita pockets
Can of chopped black olives, drained
Avocado, diced

[Don’t forget to click on links to view the product so you know what to look for in your local store!]

*If you can’t find smoked tofu, add a few drops of liquid smoke or a tablespoon of smoky flavored barbecue sauce to regular firm tofu when stir frying.

Stir fry the tofu strips in a little olive oil. As it starts to brown, add in the frozen bag of bell peppers and onions. With lid off skillet, sprinkle in fajita seasoning packet and allow the moisture from the frozen vegetables to take the place of additional water. If too dry, you can add a little water if needed. Add in the olives when vegetables and tofu are cooked through.

Heat instant rice packet in microwave for 90 seconds as directed. With a sharp knife, slit open the tops of the mini pockets. You can place them in aluminum foil and warm in the oven if you choose. 

Stuff all the ingredients in your baby piñatas and top with diced avocado. Serve with your favorite salsa but not sure you’ll want anything to cover up the bursting flavor inside. 

Mushrooms, roasted garlic, and even chopped zucchini are great alternatives to try. If you stuff these full, two per person should be plenty!

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