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Jackets for Wind, Rain & Cold

Skitz Picks

shutterstock_114841078 Running in Cold

Need a jacket so you can workout outdoors? Train in all kinds of weather? You can go bonkers looking at all the options on-line!

Let me save you the trouble. Being the gear goddess that I am, you can trust me that before buying any of these jackets, I researched and researched and RESEARCHED beforehand! That includes reading customer reviews, selecting the best materials, paying attention to weight and breathability, and of course, they had to be good looking!

I own these jackets and have worn them running and biking outside in all kinds of weather. I’ve worn them in marathons and endurance events such as the Triple Bypass in Colorado.

When looking for a jacket, know that water resistant is not waterproof. Look for taped seams if you’re going to be out in the rain.

Remember, jackets are investments. Good ones are made of warm, water resistant and breathable materials. They are packed with a lot of protection yet still light weight. If you take care of them they will last for years and years. Cheaper materials are less breathable and stiffer and you’ll notice the difference.

Protection without bulk. Insulation with breathability. Those are the keys to a great jacket. 

Don’t let the weather keep you indoors. With these jackets, there’s no reason to!


Super light weight and breathable. The best wind protection I have ever worn. Provide some water resistance but not waterproof. I own a Go-Lite waterproof raincoat too and love it. Go-Lite is a great brand!

Borrego Windstopper® Softshell Jacket

Go Lite Borrego Windstopper Softshell JacketGo Lite Borrego Windstopper Softshell Jacket

Women’s available in chili pepper, black or smoke. Purchase here.

Men’s available in black, chili pepper, granite/mandarin orange. Purchase here.


Incredible jackets for wet weather on the run or on a bike. The women’s jacket has a built in hood that can go over your bike helmet. With taped seams and light enough to pack into a small space, this jacket rocks!

Gore Bike Wear Jackets

Gore Bike Wear Women's Alp-X Lady JacketGore Bike Wear Men's Path Neon Jacket

 Women’s Alp-X                Men’s Path Neon

Women’s available in Earth beige/black or Thai pink/black. Purchase here.

Men’s available in Neon Yellow. Purchase here.


We bought this jacket for our cross country runner daughter for Christmas this year. Super soft material with water and wind resistance. This jacket is versatile. You can wear it for exercising or just running errands. The feel of the material and the fit are what make it stand out from the rest.

Nike Element Shield Soft Shell Running Jacket

Nike Lady Element Shield Soft Shell Running Jacket

Available in a few colors at different prices. The black is the most expensive but also the most versatile. Purchase women’s here

Men’s version slightly different. Purchase here.

Triple BypassStay warm, stay safe, and stay active all winter long!

120 miles through wind, rain and snow in my Gore-Tex Bike Wear jacket!

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