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Grocery List Apps I Love

These apps have got your back at the grocery store.

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I have a personal policy when it comes to adding more technology to my life. I ask myself one honest question.

Will this technology save or cost me time? It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest of apps and gadgets that are designed to add value to your life. And they do. Sometimes.

When it comes to grocery shopping, I wanted a better way to keep track of my grocery list. Here are the problems I have with my shopping lists:

  • I write stuff down on a piece of paper and can’t find the list when I need it.
  • I go to multiple stores for different items and the list gets messy and confusing.
  • I’ve got to have a pen and it’s not easy to write and push a cart at the same time. (And there’s no hard surface to write on!)
  • The handwritten list lacks organization so I waste time re-visiting the same aisles.
  • I inevitably forget something because I think I’ve crossed everything off the list.

I found 2 great apps that solve every problem above. One is super simple, like a handwritten list with benefits:). The second is fabulous when going to multiple stores and syncing with all my devices.

Big plus! It only takes a thumb or finger to manipulate these while shopping.










Click the “+” and add your items. You don’t even have to type the entire word because suggestions pop up as you type. To cross out with a red line, simply tap the item with your finger. Sometimes simple is marvelous! Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Available on iTunes.

Shop Shop App 2Shop Shop App 1


Grocery IQ app

If you like an app that can do a lot without adding difficulty, this is for you! It will sync between your devices automatically. You can store your “favorite” items. It’s easy to access your list for a particular store. It will organize your lists into aisles or categories. There is a voice feature allowing you to add an item verbally.

Ever send your husband or boyfriend to get something and they come home with the wrong brand, size, item? Grocery IQ stores millions of items in its database so your list can be specific to brand, even with a thumbnail photo.

There are some negative reviews on iTunes for this app but I’ve found it to be an awesome way to keep track of multiple lists. I only use the features I really need to get the shopping done as efficiently as possible. Available on iTunes.

Grocery IQ app 1Grocery IQ app 2

Try these out and see if you agree that they make grocery shopping a little easier.

Just make sure your lists include fresh vegetables, organic fruits, 100% whole grains, beans and legumes, nut butters and high quality proteins!

Bonus Recommendation: ShopNoGMO app  A helpful app to help you avoid purchasing foods with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Available on iTunes.ShopNoGMO app

Good health depends on what’s in your cart! 


"People will stare. Make it worth their while." Harry Winston



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