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Hoo Rag

Skitz Pick

Simplicity works for the Hoo-Rag™!

Hoo Rag Modeled

I was contacted by Hoo-Rag™ and asked if I would be willing to receive one of their products for review on my website. It sounded interesting so I agreed. When I opened the package I was a little shocked. It was a tubular piece of fabric, stretchy only in one direction (width). The logo was in the center and that was that.

Hoo Rag-0053

I thought to myself, “Seriously, THIS is the product. There’s not much too it. Why would anyone pay $14.95 for this thin un-hemmed piece of stretchy fabric that doesn’t even have color on the inside?! I can’t imagine I’m going to recommend this to my readers. I’m always honest about my picks.”

And honest is what I’m going to be.

I loooooooove my HOO-RAG™! Love, love, love it! Here’s why:


Wear it 8 different ways and then some! So much better than a hat, scarf or balaclava.


Keeps my ears and head warm without feeling hot or heavy. Wear indoors as a headband (keeps my headphones in my ears!)

Warm but breathable.

Fabric absorbs sweat well while remaining breathable.

Pony tail friendly. 

Pony tail is FREEEEE flyin’ in the Hoo Rag! No need to cut holes in back of hats anymore!

Custom fitting.

Grips with just the right amount of stretch to fit head, neck, wherever. Never feels tight. Stays put.


Easily wad it up in a pocket, fold up on arm, or place inside shirt or pants if taken off. 

Washes well.

Out of the washer like new. I choose to hang dry.


I asked for black, but Hoo Rag’s come in all sorts of wild flavors!  Look here.


Great for women, men, fashionistas, motorcycle riders, and teenagers and kids.

Hoo Rag-0050

They call it “The Better Bandana.” It’s true. There’s nothing to come untied and fits everyone without adjustment.

Where to buy?

Purchase Hoo-Rag’s™ at for $14.95 (offering FREE shipping now in the U.S.). For a minimum order of 50, get your own custom branded Hoo-Rags™ here.

Or visit their Facebook page at

[I am not receiving any payment or commission on this product.]

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