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Exercise Apathy

Even after years of working out, no one is immune to a break-in.

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Lately working out every morning has been a struggle. A mental battle with myself. I just don’t feel like heading to the gym, sweating, breathing hard, exerting myself. I just want to NOT DO IT! I yearn and plead with myself to do something other than work out.

Have you ever felt the joy of losing a few pounds? Had a spunk in your step? Me too! For 25 years I’ve reaped the benefits of exercise inside my body and more importantly, inside my head. So why am I feeling so apathetic right now?

Because I’m human. And so are you. Sometimes working out sucks! No matter how great it feels afterward, there’s still a beginning and middle to endure.

Excuses are like thieves that sneak in and point a gun right inside my head and kidnap my thoughts. “Your body is tired and needs a day off.” “You worked out hard last week. Give yourself a well deserved break.”

At this point I can surrender to the thieves or fight back. I always fight back!

How do you wrangle the thieves?

Never surrender to excuses.

Postpone the urge to alter your plans on the spot. So plan a day off later in the week but not when you’re being held hostage by thieves (excuses).

Avoid the first quit.

Quit once. Much easier to quit again and again and again.

Rely on discipline.

The key to being disciplined is to not think, just do. Discipline is not getting rid of the thieves but putting ear plugs in.

Discipline gets your clothes on and starts the car. Huge.


Harder than the discipline part. Now your body is aligned with the thieves—“oooh…awh….ouch…stop!”

Five minutes. Just 5 minutes and the “start” is over.

Relax demands.

This works wonders! On days your struggling, just move. If you normally run or bust your butt on the stair climber, walk or ride a bike easy. See how your body is feeling after the “start.”

This is key to my exercise longevity. I just move and re-evaluate after the “start.” I’ve had some of my best workouts, fastest runs, starting out feeling like a turtle with weights on my back.


Don’t leave class early or cut the workout short. Ease it up but don’t stop. Finish strong- great! Finish weak- great! But finish one way or another.


I have lived this process more times than I can count. Lately I’ve been living it daily.

At least I can be proud that I maintained my habit. Maybe some of my workouts were ugly, weak, or downright novice, but they were completed. I have trained my mind to fight those thieves and win every time.

I urge you to do the same. After all, you own the house.

"It never gets easier. You just get stronger."


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