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Skitz Pick

If we would have only discovered this chair years ago!

Handy dandy!

Handy dandy!

Fully operational with one hand, light weight, and drum roll please……..NO BAG!!

Foldable chairs aren’t just for soccer moms! They’re for tailgaters, picnickers, boy scouts, campers, outdoor barbecuers and siblings dragged to sidelines across America!

Don’t you hate taking that chair in and out of the bag? Or is it a sleeve? Either way, it reminds me of packing up a wet umbrella when I can’t imagine how I’m going to fold the flaps in enough to close the velcro.

Everything seems so much bigger when you’re trying to put it back. With wind in your face (always windy!) and a desire to get home, packing up is a chore. No more with this great little portable chair! 

Here’s why we love this chair:

1. Pull upward on rearside handle with one hand and the chair collapses.

GCI Outdoor--3

2. The handle becomes a shoulder strap for carrying.  

GCI Outdoor--4

3. So lightweight you can wear it like a satchel or carry it by the legs with one hand.  

4. Doesn’t take up much space in the car.  

GCI Outdoor--2

5. Holds a water bottle, keys, cell phone!  

6. Available in black or blue!  

GCI Outdoor--5

7. Offers real back support that you can lean on.  

8. Love the triangle seat making it easy to jump up and cheer!  

I would not recommend the Quik-E-Seat®  for anyone over 250 pounds per manufacturer recommendations. Still really good support for a compactable item. Tells you it’s stronger than it looks.

The chair is well-made and durable. It needs to be for a $35 price tag. The only downside is the price in comparison to the popular bagged chairs. So worth the extra bucks! Especially if your kids are in sports or you enjoy outdoor activities.

In a couple of years we may not be sitting on as many sidelines, however, I know they’ll be used for all sorts of occasions. I highly recommend snatching a couple for your family!

Where to buy?

Purchase a Quik-E-Seat® on Amazon.

For detailed specifications and more information, check out GCI Outdoor.


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