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My New Favorite Fuel! Honey Stinger Waffles

Skitz Pick

I’ve seen these “waffles”on shelves at sporting good stores for awhile but thought they sounded horrible. When I think of waffles, I think of soft, moist and doughy. Not exactly what I’m craving when I’m pounding the pavement.

Then I visited one of my favorite adventure stores, Backwoods, to purchase a gift. And my workout life changed forever:)

Honey Stinger Waffles-

If my mama had only given me a better name everyone would love me!

Call me “Desperately Seeking Susan” (Susan is my real name) as one who confesses to try just about any fuel I can get my hands on with the hope I’ll find something out there that won’t make me sick in a marathon or long distance triathlon.

So far I’m in love with an organic brand called Honey Stinger. I recommended their fruit chews (a/k/a gummies) in an earlier post on Fueling Student Athletes. The ONLY gummie that doesn’t stick to your teeth!

At the checkout counter at Backwoods, I grabbed a couple of the Honey Stinger Fruit Chews (Cherry Blossom is my fave!) and they recommended I try the Limeade flavor. (I did and it’s excellent!). They also recommended the Honey Stinger Waffles and I told them they sounded yucky. They convinced me to give one a try anyway.

I bought the honey and chocolate flavors. They come in these 5 flavors.

Honey Stinger Waffles--2Honey Stinger Waffles--3Honey Stinger Waffles--4Honey Stinger Waffles--5Honey Stinger Waffles--6

My husband and I are currently training for our rim-to-rim-to-rim run of the Grand Canyon (stay tuned to FITskitz the week of May 20th!!) and we’ll need LOTS of fuel in our endurance backpacks to help us through 2 grueling back to back marathons in 2 consecutive days.

These waffles are awesome! 

The honey flavor tastes like a cinnamon toast cookie. It’s not too sweet, not too soft, but not dry either. Like the perfect cookie that’s crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Easy to chew and swallow when your mouth feels like cotton.

Not too big but packs a 160 calorie punch! Gel packets typically have only 100 calories. If I can ingest more calories per bite, I can eat less so there’s less chance of stomach upset. 

Flat as a pancake (lol:) so easy to pack. In a backpack, jacket, pocket or on a bike. We’ll be able to stash a dozen of these on our bodies without adding much weight.

We just finished our last big training weekend in preparation for our Grand Canyon adventure. A 15 mile treadmill run followed by 45 minutes on the stair climber on Saturday. An 18 mile super hilly outdoor run on Sunday. Fueled only with Honey Stinger Waffles, Honey Stinger Fruit Chews and water. No problems with my tum-tum!

I highly recommend these for any athlete who is training long or intensely. These are not suitable everyday snacks. They are high in calories for a reason, containing sugar and carbs. Just because they’re organic and taste good doesn’t mean they are “healthy” in a traditional sense.

Where To Buy

If you try one and like it, I highly recommend purchasing a case of your favorite waffle flavor on Amazon to save money.

To purchase a case of their delicious fruit chews, available in these flavors: Caffeinated Cherry Cola, Pink Lemonade, Lime-Ade, Fruit Smoothie, Cherry Blossom, Pomegranate Passion Fruit, Orange Blossom. Click here.

If you give them a try, let me know what you think!


  1. Caitlin #

    I just bought some of the stinger gummies yesterday to try and I LOVE hearing that they don’t get stuck in your teeth- I ran a recent trail race and fueled with shot blocks that were semi-stale and was left picking them out of my teeth for the mile following. The waffles are interesting- I run pretty light gear-wise and I’m not sure where I’d carry one on me. Thanks for the review!!

    June 18, 2013
    • fitskitz

      Glad you’re trying them out Caitlin! You will love how easy they are to eat. Trust me- I have tried them ALL! Hands down these are the best. The waffles are flat and easy to pack and easy to eat if you like to mix things up. Thanks for visiting and best of luck in your trail race!

      June 26, 2013

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