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Who Is Skitz?

“Skitz” is derived from a childhood nickname given to me by my father.  The name stuck around and has now become useful for naming my website and personalizing my car tags.

I live in the Midwest and have been married for 26 years (to the same guy!).  We have 3 children, a boy and 2 girls.  My husband and I have owned and operated a nameplate manufacturing business for almost 25 years.  We combined our “opposites attract” skills, suffered plenty of hard knocks, worked our tails off, and built a successful small business that pays the bills.

I attended MIZZOU (University of MO- Columbia) through graduate school where I earned a masters degree in Clinical Social Work with an emphasis in therapy with children and families and all areas of domestic violence.  I served on the board of the Stop Violence Coalition, now Synergy Services, and helped draft the middle school Kindness is Contagious curriculum.  I particularly enjoyed my speaking engagements at our children’s hospital while serving on their CARE committee.  CARE stood for “Creating an Attitude for a Responsive Environment,” which addressed what to do in those difficult situations when you witness someone acting inappropriately with his/her child.  I’ll be sharing some of those tips with you.  Since then it has been my passion to study positive psychology and ways we can transform our lives, solve problems, and live with vitality and energy!

Sports has always been my gig.  My childhood was devoted to competitive gymnastics.  I had olympic dreams just not enough talent to realize them.  I had this natural ability to swim long distances with no training.  I idolized Diana Nyad (recently attempted a swim to Cuba at age 62!).  In college I had a serious stint with weightlifting-the heavy kind.  That didn’t last too long when I could no longer button my shirts.

Then I grew up and got busy.  Like all of us do.  We were trying to succeed in a small business, build a family and keep afloat financially.  I was a bobbing cork grateful for the next breath of air and one still moment.  I was a bit of a wreck, feeling blessed to begin this independent life but yet so empty.  Every day seemed like such a drudgery.  I had no energy, needed to lose a lot of baby weight, my work was not my forte, and I felt guilty for feeling this way.

In 1991, with a toddler holding my lower leg, I took a serious look at what I SAID my priorities were and whether I was LIVING those priorities.  That day changed the direction of the rest of my life.

Since that day in 1991, I admitted where I was at and where I wanted to be.  I changed my mindset and my behavior and therefore transformed myself.  In just one day, I became a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  I began to take care of ME so I could take care of my family.  I have gone from unable to run a block without stopping to actively  participating in running and triathlon competitions of all distances.  At 48, I’m stronger than I was when I was 20!  You’ll never envy my talent, only my discipline.  I’ll rarely win first place, but I’ll work as hard as those that do.

This is WAY more than a blog for me.  This is a way of life.  Being physically fit, eating great food, and aging with energy, while being surrounded by those I love, catapults my desire to help others do the same.  I believe we can change our lives immediately with a powerful belief system and a commitment to action steps.  I have experienced many “aha” moments along my life’s journey and I am biting at the bit to share them with you.  I’m here to be a lifestyle mentor, not a coach who trains you but a guide that climbs the mountains beside you.

I will share empowering ideas and philosophies that apply to everyday living.  You will learn HOW to cook healthy.  You will learn HOW to be disciplined not just that you should be.  You’ll hear straight talk on raising toddlers to teenagers.  I’ll share some of my favorite gadgets and gizmos, secrets to my 6 pack abs (get ready to work!), fitness trends, bit of fitness fashion, and interviews of bodies and souls we can learn from. Fasten your seat belt for my Sid’s Sense series and other business and consumer lessons that will empower you to do what you thought was impossible.

This site is about sharing what works in the pursuit of personal excellence, as an individual and a parent.  It is about leadership in our homes and our businesses.  We MUST create a new “normal” for the next generation.   Let us be part of the solution instead of the problem by beginning under our own roofs.  Let us share our lessons of success and failure.  It is time we face the realization that if we don’t have our health, we have nothing.

Welcome to FITSKITZ.COM!  I am grateful to have you join my FIT community.  This blog is for men and women, parents, high school and college students, athletes–anyone who lives or wants to live a healthy life and pass that lifestyle on to others.  Please support my mission by being a part of it.

In my journey I have been an avid researcher, a constant sponge, and most definitely a guinea pig.  Allow me the privilege of saving you some time.  And allow me the honor of learning from you.

Ready to roll!

My number one teammate!

My three experiments

Triathlete in training:-)

"Shayla" a/k/a "The Beast"

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"What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." Richard Bach