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thank you


I extend my heartfelt THANK YOU to my family, friends, and professionals who have assisted and supported me with the vision and development of

I would like to thank Kyra Kendall for allowing me to borrow her talent to create the custom watercolor illustrations on my home page and for my logo that totally represents who I am.

Thank you to all the photography and food bloggers out there who without even knowing it, educating me on food photography (not to mention the great recipes I found in the process!).  And a shout out to my cousin, LeeJay, who is always full of genius and perfect recommendations.  And to his parents, Judy and Lewis, who exposed me throughout my childhood to the fun of family fitness, whether it be from behind a speeding boat or the view from a mountaintop.

To the best office manager in the world, Bobi, who has worked at our company, Photo-Graphics Co., Inc., for nearly as long as we have. Without her support at our nameplate company, this project would not have been possible.

To my fellow gym rats, triathlon friends, former coaches, and running buddies, I thank you for inspiring me every day through your hard work and consistent efforts.  You make it fun to be fit.

To my friends, siblings, and extended family who are so supportive, many who have come to me for advice because they believe in what I have to say.  They not only support my passion but have encouraged me to express it.  Thank you to my wonderful parents, Sid and Lorraine, who provided me the greatest launching pad to lead a great life and to be the leader I was born to be.  I cannot keep their lessons to myself any longer.

To my girls, Brianna and Chloe, who are all grown up (almost!) and are such high achievers.  They soak up learning just like their mama and are both interested in helping professions.  They have encouraged me to launch this blog for years and support me with ideas, great quotes, and best of all, an interest in hearing what I have to say:-).




To my son, Aaron, who is responsible for all of the custom programming on this site and there was a LOT! An electrical engineer living in Austin, TX, he took on this project while working a full time job.  I thank him for his expertise, all his advice along the way, and for his support of this mission.  It won’t be long before I’m at the finish line of his first Ironman!  A fabulous athlete and technical wizard, he has now become a fabulous, healthy cook!






To my life’s partner, Andy, who will forever be my husband, business partner, running buddy, beer buddy, support system, soft shoulder, travel companion, sweetheart and best friend.  Thank you for nudging me to pursue my passion to help others— okay, maybe it was more of a push— because you believe in my message and have lived it for decades by my side.  For someone who grew up on meat and potatoes, you kept an open mind, embraced our healthier lifestyle, and look like you’re 10 years younger than you are!   About to run your 7th Boston Marathon, you run like the wind, and I couldn’t be more proud of you! Thanks for working so hard to allow me to get this project off the ground.  I treasure the memories, love the now, and can’t wait for the tomorrows we have planned.


Lastly, I want to thank the readers.  There is no greater joy for me than helping others improve their lives, whether it’s a healthy meal on your dinner table or a way to learn from your mistakes.  This is my time to give back by working harder than I have ever worked.  If I can give you a few “aha” moments, or give you a different way to think of something that matters in your life, then my mission will be underway.  Thank you for reading and sharing your wisdom as a part of this fit mind and body community.

Now let’s get on with making our lives incredible!