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Happy Anniversary!


What happens when you take a risk, put yourself “out there” and pursue a passion?


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Welcome to!

After a few clicks, you landed on my welcome page wondering if this blog will be worth your time and is it meant for YOU.  This is not a typical blog.  I tend to stray from ‘typical’ and blaze my own trail even if it means breaking a few rules.  I have SO much planned for our journey together and hope you will consider starting your day with me.

This blog is unisex.  So that means it is not just for women, moms, or middle aged folks.  It is written for anyone who believes in achieving and maintaining a FIT mind and body.  So if you don’t care about your mental or physical health, well then, best you move on now as you will anyways.

This blog is for men and women of all ages, particularly college age on up.  There is no age limit to good health.  There is no sexism to separate us.  We all have dreams, desires, and plans with plenty of insecurities that keep us from achieving all that we deserve.  

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