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Welcome to WE MOVE

The Magic Pill - Physical Activity

Since we no longer have to hunt and gather our food, work behind desks, surf more TV channels than waves, use motorized vehicles instead of legs, we are a nation of sitters.  The only thing getting a workout are the nuts and bolts of our chairs as we put more and more weight on them.

My We Move posts will cover everything from how to get off the couch to the mental toughness it takes to complete a marathon or a triathlon. Read more

Welcome to WE EAT

Fuel your body and it will fuel you.

I love food and I eat a LOT!  I can eat as much as most men.  I don’t hide it either.  My friends can’t believe how much I can put down.  A whole Chipotle burrito, down to the last grain of rice that fell out on the tin foil, no problem!  They shake their heads. Read more

Welcome to WE BELONG

Health, Love & Money-- in that order.

If I was to summarize my philosophy of life, that would be it.  As I will say many times, if we don’t have our health, nothing else really matters.  Look at the life of Apple executive and business icon, Steve Jobs.  He seemed to have everything one could hope for, including love and money, but unfortunately he did not have good health.  Sometimes we can’t control the genetic time bombs that may hide within, so all we can do is fuel our bodies with the best internal army to fight off what we can.  Lance Armstrong is a good example of a body that was so fit that it could handle more powerful cancer fighting drugs when the drugs themselves would have destroyed most people. Read more

Welcome to ROLL THE DICE

Welcome to the category of surprises!

I figured if I’m going to throw my hat into this blogging arena, I might as well create a place where I can talk about anything that might not fall neatly into one of my other categories.

Roll The Dice

In Roll the Dice you might find a movie or book review, info on a great app to check out, tips on owning your own business, leadership skills, or a product recommendation that has nothing to do with health or fitness. I’m checking out a lot of cool blogs as I begin mine and I’ll link you to some good ones no matter what the topic. Read more

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