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Cafe Gratitude- Restaurant Reflection

Cafe Gratitude gives us many reasons to be grateful in Kansas City.

Photograph from Cafe Gratitude website

Open heart…open mind…open mouth when visiting Cafe Gratitude in California and if you can believe it, Kansas City!

I could not wait to indulge at this 100% organic, plant based restaurant, keen on buying local goods that are seasonal and fresh.  If you are serious about your health, love food for what it IS in its original state, and want to leave feeling better about yourself than when you went in, Cafe Gratitude is your place. Read more

Smoked Tofu Fajitas

Smoked tofu is amazing and lifts fajitas to a new level!

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Turkish Eggs with Tempeh Bacon

Eggs ain't just for breakfast anymore!

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Quinoa Recipes with Spring Citrus Flavors

Replace meat with quinoa for protein/fiber rich meals.

Quinoa and Black Lentils with Mandarin Orange

Quinoa with Lime Encrusted Tilapia

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Teriyaki Wasabi Tempeh with Zucchini & Peppers

Full of flavor with a little kick and totally vegan.

Another quick and easy meal!

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Spa Water…reFRESH yourself

The simple secret to a healthy diet is water.

Our body is made up of 75 to 80% water when we are babies.  As we get older, this percentage decreases to anywhere from 50-65% depending on if you are a man or a woman.  Our brains are 85% water and our bones are 10-15% water.  I guess you get the picture– WATER IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE!

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Extreme Recovery Meal

Mega protein and good fats to help rebuild muscles and aid in recovery.

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13 Steps to a Healthy Home

Make your world a great place to be

Excited over a salad- YES!

Cover these bases and you’re well on your way to having a healthy home. So how do you get that healthy vibe under your roof?

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Loaded Mexican Salad with Vegan Ranch Dressing

Cool and crunchy for Spring and full of protein & fiber for our bodies!

Salad can be a great main meal.  This loaded Mexican style salad is water-rich and full of healthy ingredients.  My homemade vegan ranch dressing tastes better than regular ranch with less fat.  (It is still caloric so don’t overdo it).  You won’t need much with all the fixin’s.

Scoop a little salsa on top and enjoy!

Add tarragon or dill as a variation!

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Seasoned Wild Salmon Burgers

Lunch or dinner in 5 minutes!

Available at Costco in the frozen food section.  These are a great alternative to beef burgers, low in saturated fat, high in omega 3’s.  Think of good fats, as found in salmon, as the oil your body needs to run smoothly.  There is real danger in not having enough good fats in your diet. Read more