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Nathan Endurance Vest

Skitz Pick

If you enjoy being active for long periods, I urge you to consider purchasing the Nathan Endurance Vest. A fluid carriage system designed to keep you hydrated for extended periods.

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NEO-TOTE* Insulated Water Bottle Holders

Skitz Pick

I don’t like to drink warm water when I’m running outdoors. I like a nice cool stream of refreshment that perks me up. This need sparked a quest long ago. Unfortunately, the marketplace let me down. With every gadget known to man available on the web, ways to transport ice cold water  “on the go” isn’t one of them.

I’ve bought fuel belts, waste packs, Camelbaks— you name it– it’s probably in my closet. For runs lasting longer than an hour, I use a Fuel Belt with 2 plastic bottles. Works just fine but in 5 minutes the fluid is warm. 

I had to get creative. After experimenting with various types of bottles, I found these fantastic little “koozies” for the original plastic bottles. They help protect the fluid from the sun and provide good insulation.

NEO-TOTE ™ Insulated Water Bottle Holders

Ready to run!

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Wetsuits for Car Seats

Skitz Pick

No more sweaty, sticky car seats! 

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Desoto Arm Coolers

Skitz Pick

Hands down one of the best clothing items I have ever bought for training and racing!

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My Swim Gear Picks

Skitz Picks

No more lap counting or watching pool clocks!  

My absolute FAVORITE swim gadgets! Simple, reliable, and durable. I never swim without these.  Read more

CEP Allsports Calf Sleeves

Skitz Pick

Call it “Spanx” for athletes!  I love compression gear!  I own compression shirts, shorts, capris, socks and now calf sleeves.

 I race in them and wear them to speed my recoveries from hard workouts.  The tightness feels like a massage while you’re working out.  Similar to taping, except without the restriction of movement, compression gear provides support in all the right places.

Available in white, black, red, green, pink, and blue

Where to buy?

To purchase women’s version, click here.

To purchase men’s version, click here.

Read more about CEP products and benefits of compression.


Nike Free Run+ 3

Skitz Pick

Gotta love the trend in color this year!  They are super comfy, light weight and more supportive than you’d think.  I bought the pink ones below and could stop traffic in these shoes!


Where to buy?

See more colors and styles at

Thorlo Experia Running Socks

Skitz Pick

They prevent blisters, have cushion where you need it, and come in fun neon colors!


Where to buy?

Garry Gribbles or your local running or sporting goods store, Dick’s Sporting Goods,