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Mental health

Willpower Is The New Dirty Word

Willpower = Success!

Watch any program about weight loss, read what the experts are saying about why America has an obesity problem, or even listen to Oprah, and you will hear over and over again that losing weight is not about willpower.  Really? Read more

Outside Matters

It matters what we look like on the outside

What you see in the mirror DOES matter.  Reflecting back is way more than a human body.  It is the refection of how you see yourself.  When you look at your face, your body, your stature in the mirror, do you feel proud?  Disgusted?  Alarmed?  Do you immediately begin criticizing what you see, finding flaws?  What’s the talk that immediately begins in your head?  The simple exercise of looking at yourself in the mirror and listening to your own thoughts is very revealing as to where you are in your FIT life pursuit. Read more

Simple Mottos – Big Results

Mottos simplify mission statements

The KISS Principle- “Keep it simple stupid”.  Keeping things simple is one of the most tedious tasks.  Since your goal is simplicity, you’d think it would be simple to be simple.  Naaaaahhhhh! Read more