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Olympic Veterans Leave Lessons in London

The world's best athletes inspire us to achieve greatness beyond sport.

Elite athletes today take enormous risks, pushing right to the edge in order to stand out and up onto a podium. So painful to watch a competitor’s life long dreams crushed in a split second. Equally impressive to witness miraculous victories such as Misty and Kerry’s victory over China in beach volleyball or our USA soccer team’s victory over Canada in overtime.

This year’s Olympic veterans spoke through their actions and attitudes. Leaving us with more than memories. If you want to win in the game of life, our veteran athletes can lead you to victory. Read more

What the Olympic Rings Mean To Me

Competitive sport is only one aspect of the Olympic games.

I proudly admit I have an obsession with the Olympic Games. Even on vacation the first week, I won’t miss the prime time Olympic coverage.¬†Doesn’t matter which sport or what heat, I have to watch.

Is it because I was one of those little girls with Olympic dreams? I think that’s part of it. There’s always something intriguing about watching others achieve what I couldn’t. As I watch Jordyn & Gabby flip on the balance beam, I can smell the chalk and feel the apparatus as though I’m 14 again. Read more

A First in the Olympic Trials

Jeneba withdraws from a tie break to qualify for the 100 meter race in London.

The race was a nail biter. One that ended with a question mark. Fortunately we have amazing cameras that capture what the human eye cannot. The days of irate John McEnroes ranting over human errors are almost obsolete.

Except in 2012 in Eugene, Oregon. When teammates Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix competed against one another in the 100 meter run to qualify for the Olympics. Read more