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Mother’s Way

Thank you, Mom, for showing me the way.
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All Boggled

Are you choosing your family's priorities or are they choosing you?

Have you ever played the game, Boggle?  It is a word game that comes with a set of dice with letters on every side.  You place the letters in a container with a lid and shake.  The letters fall randomly in slots on the base and you try and create words out of adjoining letters.

So many families operate like a game of Boggle.  They throw tons of stuff in the container, shake everything up, see where things land on any given day, and then try to make sense out of the chaos, and of course, try to come out winners in everything they do by bedtime! Read more

Let Your Kids Quit

Follow through should not always be the goal.

I can already feel the shudders from all the high achieving parents out there. I’m one of you so I understand the word “quit” doesn’t sit well in your mind. Good parents teach kids to follow through.  To finish what they start.  To perform well.  True.  But if you don’t understand when to let them quit, you’re selling your kids short. Read more

13 Steps to a Healthy Home

Make your world a great place to be

Excited over a salad- YES!

Cover these bases and you’re well on your way to having a healthy home. So how do you get that healthy vibe under your roof?

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The Fish Rots From Its Head Down

Parents set the tone

The most effective leaders live their mission. Great leaders have followers not always because their ideas are the best onMother Baby Fish the planet, but because they have the passion and enthusiasm to persuade others to buy in. Our families are no different.

The fish rots from its head down. If you’re out of shape, don’t exercise, eat junk food, hate your body, use alcohol to excess, screw your face up when you see a cooked vegetable, watch a lot of TV, you’re demonstrating your “normal.” You are setting up your children’s expectations when it comes to their own health. This is the real danger and why obesity is a family problem. Read more

Welcome to WE BELONG

Health, Love & Money-- in that order.

If I was to summarize my philosophy of life, that would be it.  As I will say many times, if we don’t have our health, nothing else really matters.  Look at the life of Apple executive and business icon, Steve Jobs.  He seemed to have everything one could hope for, including love and money, but unfortunately he did not have good health.  Sometimes we can’t control the genetic time bombs that may hide within, so all we can do is fuel our bodies with the best internal army to fight off what we can.  Lance Armstrong is a good example of a body that was so fit that it could handle more powerful cancer fighting drugs when the drugs themselves would have destroyed most people. Read more