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Self esteem

The Enormous Power of Questions- Your Steering Wheel

Questions are powerful motivators for change

PLAN your questions when you are motivated and don’t change them when you’re not.  The questions must reinforce rather than undermine your goal when you are making a decision.

Questions are more powerful than commitments, according to research done by Dr. Senay at the University of Illinois.  “Will I exercise today?” is more effective than “I will exercise today.”  The former inspires a sense of responsibility where the latter triggers guilt and shame.

There is a sense of self power that comes from your brain’s ability to answer the question.

The right questions have been the single most powerful motivator for change to my lifestyle. Read more

Outside Matters

It matters what we look like on the outside

What you see in the mirror DOES matter.  Reflecting back is way more than a human body.  It is the refection of how you see yourself.  When you look at your face, your body, your stature in the mirror, do you feel proud?  Disgusted?  Alarmed?  Do you immediately begin criticizing what you see, finding flaws?  What’s the talk that immediately begins in your head?  The simple exercise of looking at yourself in the mirror and listening to your own thoughts is very revealing as to where you are in your FIT life pursuit. Read more